Necktie Etiquette Every Man Should Know

Men of today still uphold the fashion rule of wearing necktie to work to appear smarter, more mature and serious. But just because men have been wearing ties to work for the longest time does not mean that they have worn it properly and stylishly. Even if almost all men claim that they know how to wear a tie because it's a staple accessory in their wardrobe, you can still identify when who knotted and adjusted his tie incorrectly and have worn the improper length.

Here are some rules to help define the real proper way of wearing a tie.

Most fashion experts claim that hanging ties too long or too short is incorrect. So what is the proper way of adjusting a tie? An expert says that a properly worn necktie should cover the pants' button and graze the top of the pants. If the length is up on the chest or belly, then it is too high. If the length covers the pants' zipper, the length adjustment is too low.

Another common mistake observed is when men tuck the thin part of the tie into the label. Actually, the label is sewn on that part not for that purpose. Neckties should hang and show some natural movement.

Fashion critics' greatest peeve is when men create a narrow or too laid-back knot. The Double Windsor knot is preferred wherein there is a wide triangular knot created by tying the small end twice to the tie's large end. This is the most fashionable tie knot and gives a more formal and elegant look.

You need not worry about the dimples in the knot too. It really doesn't matter how many there are but make sure that they are placed in the middle of the knot. A well-dimpled tie gives a good impression as it can indicate class and elegance. If your tie is neatly dimpled, it can also indicate that you give attention to detail and care about how you present yourself.

Observe the rules and you will surely look presentable. Dress up not only with your tailored shirt and suit but also with your neck wear. The little things matter the most, sometimes.

Source by Cinthia Mcdonald

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