New and Quirky Way of Wearing a Saree

As the new season arrives, fashion designers strive hard to innovate something new for the next season. This continuous process allows them to generate new designs and styles no matter what type of Indian clothes it is. The new and improved version of Indian saree designs invented by our Indian fashion designers is one of the prime reasons behind the re-incarnation of Indian saree among women of all age groups.

Among a wide range of Indian clothes available, saree is the most traditional Indian attire. Fashion designers are showcasing new and quirky styles of how to wear a saree. Eminent fashion designers, in recent times have unveiled some classy and chic styles of saree drapes. One style that tops the charts is when ace couturier who is known for his gorgeous wedding wear designs come out with a new way of saree drape wherein the Indian saree is worn with a dhoti pant and the saree drape ends near the mid-thighs whereas the pallu remains longer, almost trailing the floor.

Another fashion designer who is known as Bollywood’s sweetheart is fabulous with his playful touch of sheer nets. This season, spring-summer fashion trend has brought in metallic sheen in the limelight. Wear it in the form of pencil skirts, or jackets but this designer incorporated this trend in his Indian clothes ensemble in a refreshing way. In a recent fashion week, he combined contrasting shining fabric with transparent nets. What’s new in it? Wear a maroon metallic sheen fitted skirt and a black blouse. Drape the plain net black saree drape over the metallic sheen skirt (worn like a petticoat) and see the magic. Actress Esha Gupta walked for him and garnered a big round of applause.

If you find the Indian saree unmanageable and voluminous, but have a strong desire to wear it, then you can’t afford to miss this one. One of the oldest fashion designers of the Indian film industry offered a solution to this worry. They developed a structured dress out of a Benarasi saree drape. Stitch it into a structured body hugging dress and team it up with a matching pair of cigarette pants. So are you ready to embrace a traditional saree and revamp it into your signature style?

Styling a saree makes a lot of difference. In a way, it entirely changes the entire look of the saree. No other Indian clothes can be styled in a versatile way just like the saree. If you say goodbye to sarees during winters, think again. Because just wearing a trench jacket over the traditional drape of saree can inject a new look as well as keep you warm during chilly winters. Different style of blouses adds the perfect pinch of glamour to your saree. Another way of draping a saree which is immensely popular among young women is to pair a polo neck blouse with your saree drape. Add some accessories in the form of leather belt which act as a chic replacement of jeweled sari belts.

If you wish to see these designer sarees in your wardrobe, start shopping Indian dresses online.

Source by Hemant Jain

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