New bill would require personal finance to be taught in school : politics

Nah, they just make the text books for the classes. Lots of schools already have personal finance classes and most of them are meh in actual usefulness.

It’ll be up to each state as is their interpretation of personal finance so…. Without some kind of standardization and the states just making it up as they go I wouldn’t put too much faith in the idea.

Teaching kids the basics of how to balance a checkbook and do taxes doesn’t really wind up doing much because they’re not actually doing taxes or spending money and the lessons just don’t mean much.

it’s hard to simulate personal finance and responsibility when you stop and think about it because they don’t really have bills or income or concerns.

I think a class on like how to manage a house and how not to waste all your money on food and getting fat would you better classes.

In a lot of ways I don’t think teaching them the mathematics of personal finance isnt going to be very useful because that doesn’t impact the way people impulsively buy things. Like If you’re addicted to snacks and ice cream it doesn’t really help if you financially manage your addiction in a way that allows you to afford it so much as you need to realize that your impulsive buying or eating habit is not sustainable.

in the case of personal finance you need to teach people how not to make stupid decisions that get them in debt but these stupid decisions are often well beyond the scope of any kind of personal finance class…. Like don’t get addicted to nicotine or alcohol or don’t buy a big fancy car you can barely afford as a status symbol.

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