New Earthies Shoes For Women On Sale

New Earthies for women sandals are raising quite a few eyebrows. Earth Footwear is a company with many decades of a quality reputation in the design and manufacture of comfortable shoes that are good for the body. They have come up with an entirely new concept in healthy yet fashionable shoes. The new line: Earthies. The new Earthies collection is defined by a range of elegant and gorgeous design, feminine shoes for work, casual and dress attire. The New Earthies features include a unique wellness footed with a cupped heel for superb arch support.

If you are a faithful Earth shoe customer, such as myself, you won’t want to pass up this new style of shoe. Though it does not feature the Earth Footwear negative heel, it remains a shoe that is designed for comfort. Every so often I would like an alternative to the typical flat shoe, but I do not want to compromise my overall health. The traditional Earth shoes has helped me to not only get my body back into alignment but to keep it well adjusted. I do not often wear heels without regret. Now, I can look forward to my new Earthies. Earth Footwear knows that every woman has moments when they need to feel more feminine and fashionable.

Earthies will allow you to keep your wardrobe up to date without compromising your overall health. Most heels can really wreak havoc on your body when worn every day. I wear my Earth shoes most every day so I notice pain after only one evening of wearing heels. Earth Footwear knows this and has reached out to women with this new line of awesome shoes, the new Earthies for women.

People Magazine featured the new Earthies for women on their Style Watch segment. The recommended the Earthies Teesi wedge. So without further ado I introduce to you Earthies for Women. Buy your new Earthies today and receive free shipping with your order. New Earthies For Women

Source by Rhondalynn Johnson

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