New York Hardcore Godfather Agnostic Front

For many individuals, once they think of hardcore, the primary place they consider is New York. And with good cause too, the NYHC scene is maybe one of the well-known on the earth of heavy music, right up there with the Bay Area thrash scene. New York has produced many of hardcore bands which have gone on to become legends within the area and the now sadly defunct CBGBs club hosted more hardcore shows than a Red Light region in Amsterdam. One of many implicit prime canines from the New York scene, is a band which has been around | for a longer time than most and arguably performed CBGBs more than anybody, Agnostic Front.

Agnostic Front was formed by guitarist Vinnie Stigma, formerly of The Eliminators in 1980 and went by a few singers before selecting Roger Miret, himself the former bassist of The Psychos. Before long, the band recruited bass player Adam Moochie and drummer Ray Barbieri (aka Raybeez) on drums and launched their debut EP, "United Blood" in 1983. The EP was effectively acquired by fans and the group recorded their first full length, " Victim In Pain "quickly after, releasing it in 1984. The album pushed them to the top of the New York hardcore scene and earned them a tour with Scotish hardcore act, The Exploited.

Agnostic Front then struggled for a short time with lineup changes. Though Miret and Stigma had remained fixed members, a gyrating door of bassists and drummers continuously halted the band's growth. Finally, they were able to record a second album within the form of Cause For Alarm, "which was launched in 1986 and featured contributions from Carnivore frontman Peter Steele (later of Type O Negative fame,) in addition to dabbling within the crossover thrash sound which had been made popular by bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Stormtroopers Of Death. More lineup modifications followed however this did not cease the group from releasing one other album the next year entitled, "Liberty And Justice For …" While this album still contained some metal influenced guitar solos, the general sound discarded much of the thrash from "Cause For Alarm" and sounded more similar to stripped down punk rock. Though the album didn't sold as well as earlier releases, Agnostic Front were able to tour Europe for the first time quickly after, although Miret was unable to join them as he had been incarcerated on drug charges. While in jail, he wrote a lot of the lyrics for the band's subsequent album , "One Voice," which was released in 1992 and featured guest appearances from members of Sick Of It All and Madball. Soon after the album's launch however, Agnostic Front decided to call it a day and signed out with a show at CBGBs, which was subsequently launched as a live album entitled, "Last Warning."

Fortunately for hardcore fans, the band weren't gone for long after, as Miret and Stigma decided to carry Agnostic Front back in 1996. The band signed to Epitaph Records shortly after and released their "comeback" album, "Something's Gotta Give" in 1998. The album filled an extra street punk / Oi! sound and was co-produced by Stormtroopers Of Death frontman Billy Milano, along with featuring backing vocals from Murphy's Law frontman Jimmy Gestapo and Rancid members Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederikson. They shortly followed this release with the 1999 album, "Riot, Riot, Upstart," with which they gained an MTV award for the title track's music video. Both of these albums have since sold effectively and been positively acquired from both critics and fans. Though they launched one other album in 2001 entitled, "Dead Yuppies" the band sees it as more of a product of bassist Jimmy Colletti's part bands, and as such, not often perform songs from the album live. The band's subsequent album would not be launched till 2005 and saw a dramatic change in way. "Another Voice" was considered the sequel to "One Voice" however contained a way more metallic hardcore sound, just like bands such as Hatebreed and Earth Crisis, which was not what many fans expected, resulting in some criticism of the album. The band continued this components on their most up-to-date album, 2007's "Warriors," which featured the minor hit "For My Family." At present, the band are on tour in Europe however they're expected to record and release a brand new studio album shortly, which might probably be launched by the end of the year, just in time to celebrate thirty years of laborious work and a dominant place in the world of hardcore .

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