NFC Technology Drives The Development Mobile Wallet

To implement the mobile wallet by the Near Field Communication has been studied theoretically for many years, but it has not been implemented on a global scale. It also has the successful case, for example, the mobile wallet has found a foothold in Japan, especially in the public transportation field. However, the prospect of the mobile phone is still uncertain in most areas. The complicated system should be modified if we want to make the mobile wallet popular. The technology should be mature, namely, the technique of the NFC should be qualified. What is more, it must gain the supports from operators, manufacturers, bank, retailers and customers.

The plan of mobile wallet has not been applied widely, because it does not gain the support. However, the year of 2011 will be a turning point. Almost all the operators had accepted the NFC technology, and some operators even form the vanguard. In America, AT&T, T-Mobile and VerizON had formed the Isis to help the deployment of NFC. This technology may create a commercial tide in the middle of 2012. In Europe, Orange support to use the NFC on the cell phone, and it aims to sell 500 thousand cell phones with NFC functions.

This kind of cell phones is not so popular in the other places; however, this situation transits. Nokia and Samsung has release the mobile phone with NFC function, and the other manufacturers all want to try. The phone wallet can not be implemented without the support of bank. The operators must sign agreement with the credit card issue. Currently, the operator and Barclays are negotiating with this matter.

The cooperation from the retailers and customers can not be ignored. Is there enough driving force to male the retailer and customers accept this new kind of payment. Besides, the retailers need a large sum of money to install the new sale terminal of NFC. Whether they are willing to transit in this gloomy economic condition is uncertain. All in all, there are so many problems need to be considered by the operators. The related integrated circuit is TDA2616Q_N1 .

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