Nick Vujicic Is My Hero

Why is this guy so important to me? And why does he inspire me to tackle any challenge? Nick Vujicic is known for giving things his all. He can light up any room with his spirit, energy, and optimistic thoughts about life. Nick is amazing. The popular author and motivational speaker was born with a rare medical condition known as tetra-amelia. He has no arms or legs. But Vujicic doesn’t let that stop him as he continues to spread the word of inspiration to others.

Nick is very open about where is today, but more importantly where he has come from. Under the wide smile, and before the mega-sized audiences, was a distraught individual. The amount of ridicule-and depression that sometimes follows-that physically challenged people sometimes are faced with is scary. Tough times as a child, and even tougher times as a teenager, Nick Vujicic did not have an easy path. As thoughts of suicide encumbered him, Nick had to come to grips with his life, and fast, if he were going to survive. Addressing life-altering questions like, why he was born the way that he was, and what was God’s plan for him was an everyday conundrum. Lucky for so many of us, Nick made the right decision about his life.

“Life without limbs? Or life without limits?” questions Nick. He has learned how to surf, golf, ride a skateboard, skydive, cook, and a laundry list of other things. Did I mention that he started a non-profit called Life Without Limits? The engaging motivational speaker is married, can type forty-two words a minute, and is the proud papa of a new son. The latter accomplishment is especially significant, in that Nick was not sure a few years ago that he would ever find the right person. Sharing his life with someone special didn’t seem to be in the cards according to Nick. Was he ever wrong! He’s beautiful wife Kanae Miyahara was the mystery link, as well as support system, he needed and so well deserved.

Spreading his message of life through God is what Mr. Vujicic does with aplomb ever day. Confident that God is using him the way he saw fit. This special vessel of life is touching and encouraging numerous souls. Reaching far beyond his home country of Australia, and stretching further than his stateside residence in California, Vujicic is influencing every corner of the world.

Most highly successful people have a sense of resolve that no matter what life offers, they will answer back. Nick Vujicic is in that class, and I doubt he will ever bow down to adversity. In fact, he makes it extremely difficult for any able-bodied person to make excuses for shortcomings and seemingly unfortunate situations. In my opinion, the following Nick Vujicic quote sums him up best: “God does not make mistakes, but He does miracles. I am one. You are too.”

Source by Mike Shelby

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