Nurses Scrubs

Nursing scrubs typically refer to the uniforms worn by the nurses while assisting in the operating theatre or in regular duty hours. Apart from a nursing costume, scrubs also serve as medical uniforms to doctors, surgeons and other professionals related to the health industry. Nursing scrubs are particularly made and designed to maintain the hygienic environment of the hospitals and nursing homes and avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. Scrub tops, trousers, jackets and caps are all part of nursing scrubs that can be used as nursing costumes or general uniform of a specific hospital.

Traditionally, a nursing scrub used to be typically white in color, representing virtue and dignity, combined with the love and care with which the nursing profession is associated. However, the current market now presents a variety of nursing scrubs available in different colors, designs, and styles. Unlike the traditional, simple, and plain nursing scrubs, individuals can now find colored and printed scrubs worn by doctors and nurses. According to many opinions, the present logic behind this change is that bright colors and jolly prints help patients with their mental relaxation and easing out of the tension levels. The scrubs of different colors may also help to distinguish between the different levels of the staff or the various departments. While pink scrubs may denote nurses for maternity departments, blue scrubs may stand for surgical wards, making it easy for the staff as well as the outsiders to identify and distinguish between them.

A majority of hospitals have started to place their logos or names of the hospitals on the nursing scrubs in order to impart a professional touch.
Nursing scrubs can be bought from the various medical apparel stores or can be ordered online. A huge collection of scrubs with varying design patterns and colors are available. Customized logo or monogram printing can also be done by providing specifications while placing online orders. Discount rates are also available for bulk orders.

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