Nutrition is the method of every individual's capability to consume foods and make use of the components of those foods for fuel escalation and improvement. Every Human Being requires a good nutrition to be hail and healthy. In taking meager quantity of food stuff will make the person more sick and unhealthy. Nutrition is a cram that deals and relates with diet, physical health, disease and health hazards. Nutrition is very much important for any individual to maintain a good physique and also to be healthy without any deficiency. Nutrition deficiencies, imbalance of food will create harm to the health of the body and will surely lead to diseases like obesity and some kind of bone disease like osteoporosis and scurvy. It also leads problem to psychological problems.

We get nutrition from the variety of foods we eat. We eat a variety of foods daily which are rich in its nutrients. The food we eat will help our body to work briskly and enthusiastically. The food we eat is prepared with different types of nutrients. There are six major nutrients and these nutrients are fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. If a Human Being fails to get all the above mentioned nutrients which are essentially needed for their body, then it is called as malnutrition. If someone endures from malnutrition they have lot of chances of getting affected with different diseases and it may also distress the functions of their body such as brain, diminishing the eye-vision, internal and external organs, height, weight, and also the structure of the child if the baby is inside the womb of the mother.

It is very much important for each and everyone to consume the essential nutrients in his daily food in order to sustain and build an active and healthy functionality of the body. Poor health and inactive functionality will be caused by in taking imbalanced nutrients, nutritious deficiency. This deficiency will affect the body by diminishing the functionality of the body and makes the body lazy and inactive. It will never allow the body to play an active part and function well. Nutrition is very much essential to improve and maximize the sports performance. Athletes and sports personalities definitely need proteins and nutrition higher when compared to a normal working person. This can be tallied only when the person takes high nutritious food stuffs and balanced diet.

Many people in developed and under developed countries suffer from different kinds of diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetics. All these disease are caused because of not taking the food properly. People give less importance for foods. The more and more nutritious foods you take is the more and healthier you live. People must take balanced food will good proteins, vitamins and nutrients. In-taking nutritious food will never give a way to any kind of diseases to enter your body. Eat healthy nutritious foods to live hail and healthy and also to lead a trouble free life.

Source by Nila Priya

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