NYSW World Best Thinnest Luxury Smart Watch Analog Atomic Fitness Activity Tracker Hybrid Black Smartwatch Reloj for Men Hombre Women Perpetual Calendar Smart Phone Link Feature: iPhone/Android

Price: $143.00
(as of Nov 28,2019 12:03:30 UTC – Details)

Product Description

NYSW luxury smartwatches

With NYSW Fitness and Activity Tracker Hybrid Analog Smartwatches, you get the timeless quality and sophistication of a luxury, analogue timepiece with the cutting-edge technology of the modern smartwatch. Luxury timepieces crafted with sapphire glass, premium stainless steel, Italian leather bands, and diamond polished watch hands. Smartwatch connectivity with direct pedometer readings, advanced haptic notifications, automatically adjusting perpetual calendar and easy connection to Apple, Samsung and all Android phones.

Luxury Hybrid Smartwatch. Classic Styling, Futuristic Features.

NYSW WATCH - sapphire glass



Sapphire is a 9 out of 10 on Mohs hardness scale, meaning it is virtually scratch-proof. Only materials with a hardness of 9 or above (like diamond) can scratch sapphire.

Our perpetual calendar adjusts automatically with the date, even on leap years.

Features an advanced and accurate analog step counter along with an analog notification center that links to your phone.

Haptic Notifications, Connects to iOS/Android, Works 10-14 on full charge, analog fitness dashboard

Ultimate Connectivity

The First Analog Fitness Dashboard

Durable For Everyday Wear

Alarms, timers, call, text, and social notifications as well as reminders to take pills and drink water.

Beautiful analog step counter and app-integrated digital fitness tracker. Track your steps and calories burned so you stay on top of your fitness and health.

Water resistant up to 5ATM. Crafted with sapphire glass and stainless steel for continued use.

Sapphire Glass

Stainless Steel Casing

Band – Italian Leather or Stainless Steel

Italian Leather

Stainless Steel

Italian Leather

Stainless Steel

Italian Leather

Waterproof up to 5mm

NEVER MISS WHAT MATTERS WITH HAPTIC VIBRATION: Reminders can be annoying to handle, specially when your phone is not with you. That’s why our engineers integrated a system of discreet vibrations in the best smart watches for Android and iPhone to keep you on track. Choose your pattern and set up custom notifications.
ENJOY A LONG BATTERY LIFE WITH OUR NEW CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: No one is inclined for devices that need continuous charging. The NYSW Bluetooth watch works up to 10-14 days with a single full charge. Just put your smart watches on its charger and you won’t miss any Facebook or Twitter alerts anymore.
START YOUR HEALTHY LIFE WITH OUR STEP TRACKER: Get up and get moving! Connecting your pedometer Bluetooth watch with your phone allows you to accurately track in real-time your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned along with special sport modes. With this waterproof smartwatch, up to 5 ATM, you can keep running even under the rain.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH OUR STAINLESS STEEL WATCHES: In NYSW we stand behind our product. We give you back your money if you are not 100% satisfied (No questions asked). We believe that with our Sapphire glass and diamond polished watch handles, this watch is among the best men’s gift ideas.

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