Obama used his situational consciousness to discover a lady behind him was fainting (MORE IN COMMENTS) : nextfuckinglevel

CONTINUED: Obama, not solely notices this lady fainting, however places his hand on her shoulder to guarantee she is protected, and makes a joke to ensure she is aware of that she ought to by no means really feel responsible or unhealthy about what occurred. This can be a nice illustration of what a president needs to be like. He cares, not solely in regards to the American Individuals, however anybody he interacts with. This I really feel, makes it nextfuckinglevel

NOTE 1: This put up is NOT to debate that Trump is Higher/Worst, I’m merrily speaking about the truth that Obama is one hell of a president

NOTE 2: REMEMBER TO HYDRATE, and RESEARCH THE WARNING SIGNS OF FAINTING. In Cadets, they taught us that if you happen to see black spots, instantly sit down or lay down. When you see somebody swaying, be sure they’re protected and alright. That’s all. Merry Christmas Y’all

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