Obscure Up and Coming Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion tastes have covered every idea imaginable, or so it would seem, from the dowdy dress of the early 20th century – with such examples as the bowler hat – to the craziness of the early 21st century – the meat dress worn by Lady Gaga being a case in point. There have been so many fashion trends during the course of history, that we have surely run out of ideas? Not so, with a new year, brings a new wave of trendy clothing. Here, we will look at upcoming trends in men’s clothing.

As always, when looking for the up and coming fashion trends, the first place to turn our attention is the catwalk. Within the world of men’s fashion, we normally see no more than a slight variation of the traditional t-shirt and jeans, and this year is no exception. The t-shirt has been subject to a massive overhaul, however, and men should run for cover now, apparently, we will be seeing a fashion movement that holds men’s crop tops as this season’s fashion must have item! Expect to see plenty of male midriffs this year, particularly during the summer and spring. There are still a few months left of winter to ensure that you have a buff body, right in time for the crop top take-over.

For office workers, we are likely to see a return in fashion to the briefcase. Our advice, however, is not to combine the look with a crop top – somehow, we cannot see that taking off, but stranger things have happened! For men who want to stay ahead of the trend, investing in a high quality briefcase will set you in good stead.

Men’s clothing is taking a turn away from the demure colours of black, brown, blue, and white. This year, it is all about colour. Furthermore, expect to combine bright colours in single outfits, with bright tops and bright trousers. Nevertheless, remember, always make sure you select colours that match, if in doubt, remember the ditty ‘red and green should never be seen, except for on a Christmas tree’.

For those men amongst you, who do not like to wear bright colours, do not fear, another trend sees a return to the Gothic looks of the late 1990s. This means wearing lots of dark denim, and investing in a great pair of leather shoes.

Fortunately, other trends are not so drastic, and you should not rush home and empty your wardrobe ready to replace them with a completely new ensemble. Men’s clothing is great, because fashion always allows men to fall back on the classic look: dark jeans, lighter shirts, black or brown shoes. Moreover, the classic look always looks great and men are fortunate in that respect.

Men’s fashion is becoming increasingly important in contemporary society, with more choice today than ever before, indeed, men’s fashion is slowly approaching women’s fashion in regards to the massive range of style and design available.

Source by Jimme Howard

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