One Habit Every Successful Church Secretary Must Have

Have you ever seen a secretary who seems to excel at virtually everything she does? She performs multiple tasks with ease and somehow gets everything done. How does she do it? Study her long enough and you’ll find that she has one major habit.

Sure there are several things she does consistently that helps her get it all done…self-discipline, organization, quality decision making, are all important. There is, however, one thing that guarantees her success.


With all of the new responsibilities today’s church secretary has to take on, many constantly feel pulled in several different directions. Work, family, school, all are stressful alone…you can imagine the pressure with several of them combined. So how do we pull it all together?

There are several key elements of FOCUSED INTENSITY:

  1. CLEARLY DEFINE THE GOAL: half-hearted resolutions and promises usually don’t last. Be clear on what you want to accomplish daily, weekly, even in your career as a whole. Be detailed and BE REALISTIC.
  2. DECIDE TO WIN AT ALL COSTS: the best athletes are the best because they simply refuse to give up. When they step onto the court, field, or whatever, they always do it with the intention of winning. Quitting is never an option.
  3. WRITE THE ROADMAP TO YOUR GOAL: failing to plan is like planning to fail. Goals and plans go hand in hand. In order to achieve any goal, you have to know how you’re going to do it. Make a habit of writing your thoughts, dreams, and strategies for accomplishment often. When you write out the vision that you have for your life it makes you accountable and it keeps you focused on the business at hand.
  4. CREATE A CONSTANT FLOW OF INFORMATION: you must feed yourself information on a continuous basis. It’s how you will stay motivated. Continual education is a must if you want to continue to grow and excel. is a great place to get discounted magazine subscriptions and at you can download audiobooks and listen to them on your computer, mp3 player, or burn to CDs and listen in your car. Motivation is critical to success and the only way you’ll stay motivated is with a constant flow of information.
  5. FIND A MENTOR: one of the best ways to learn is by example. Find someone who has successfully done what you desire to accomplish and study what makes them successful at it. The mentor relationship doesn’t have to be a personal one. Reading a successful person’s book and following their advice from the book makes them a mentor for you.

There you have it…it’s just that simple. FOCUSED INTENSITY is not hard. Kids do it all the time. You’ve seen them trying to figure out a puzzle…all of their attention is on the task at hand. So it is with you.

Decide what you want and then go for it with everything you’ve got. A little focus goes a long way!

Source by Tamala Huntley

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