Organic Juicing for More Energy

Some things in life just don’t need a reinvented wheel? The internet, magazines, and late night infomercials are stuffed full of new ways to become healthy. Or they’re rambling on about trying a new pill to increase energy levels. It makes one think, how on earth did people for centuries get by without these products? And maybe a better question is, why were so many of those generations healthier all around than ours?

It’s simple, they didn’t buy the latest snake bite remedies that the pulpits were throwing out at them. Instead they ate well because of the food sources nature has been providing to the earth since man’s creation.

To get to the matter at hand here, using fruits and veggies for organic juicing is far more healthy and provides the consumer with more energy than they know what to do with. But the fact that we now have to use the term “organic” in front of fruits and vegetables is a bit over complicating things nowadays too. So before we get into the benefits of organic juicing for health, maybe it’s best to start with describing what organic really means and how it benefits us best.

Organic has become the latest term to describe food that is grown in its most natural state. Foods that we’ve gotten accustomed to have actually been grown by some pretty nasty chemicals. The soil is often ridden with pesticides, fertilizer, and even types of weed killer. Alternatively, organic produce isn’t grown with all this junk. It’s natural, and the food even tastes much better as a result.

Green juice simply means a shake that someone has made from their favorite organic fruits and vegetables. This has a whole host of benefits to the person juicing for health, and some are felt immediately. Why not just buy the juice right off the shelf? In most of the green juice found in the stores, the fruits and veggies are more of an afterthought. The rest of it is usually filled with things that kind of defeat the purpose.

Maybe one of the biggest benefits of organic juicing is the slam dunk of vitamins and nutrients the consumer is getting. Nothing is wrong with the fiber one gets from eating the foods rather than juicing. In fact, the fiber is healthy. The difference is it usually takes an hour for the consumer to pull the nutrients out of the fiber while the digestive system is at work. By drinking green juice, it curbs that process and gets the good stuff working into the system immediately. This is a big reason for the energy boost.

Another big benefit, is a larger consumption of the organic food. If one were to eat their veggies like normal, they simply wouldn’t be able to eat as many in comparison to juicing. So the body is receiving more vitamins and nutrients and at a faster pace when juicing for health.

Don’t listen to the hype out there. Sure, there are some products on the market that do deliver as promised. But finding them can be quite a roller coaster ride at the expense of blind hope. Instead, the tried and true has still been sitting right in front of us since the beginning of time.

Source by Lee Hope

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