Pamplona Silk Fashion Accessories

When most people think of Pamplona, they think of Spain’s capitol and the running of the bulls. Pamplona is famous for its San Fermin Festival which is held every year from July 6 to July 14. It is in this festival that the famous Encierro or running of the bulls occurs. Pamplona is home to many different fashions and types of clothing as well. One such fashion accessory, also called a Pamplona, has a Spanish influence but is made here in the USA.

The Pamplona is a hand made silk fashion accessory that is very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. Each Pamplona is hand made by an artisan and contains a variety of rich colors. It is a great compliment to any wardrobe and resembles a scarf although the wearing possibilities are much more versatile than your average scarf. Pamplona’s are available from a pair of Spanish artisans that reside in Laguna Beach on the west coast of California. They can also be purchased from

The Pamplona consists of two long pieces of hand woven silk connected by fine silk strings. The Pamplona makes a great fashion statement and depending on the colors you have chosen for your Pamplona, can compliment just about any outfit. The Pamplona comes in a variety of colors, and because of the hand made nature of the product no two Pamplona’s will look the same. This ensures that the Pamplona that you receive will truly be a one of a kind piece. Pamplona’s are custom made to order and customers can choose the primary color of their piece from the choices of red, orange, yellow, brown, green, blue, violet, grey, or black. Customers can also choose the secondary color of their Pamplona from the same list.

Pamplona’s can be worn as a scarf, delicately draped around the neck. When folded in half the Pamplona creates a stunning feathered effect as the ends of the silk in the middle of the garment fan out. This is a common way to wear a Pamplona and creates a beautiful scarf.

You can also wear a Pamplona as a shawl, either across your shoulders and arms or over your head and draped down your back and chest. Because the Pamplona is made of long strips of silk connected with small silk strands, it can easily be worn over the head as a shawl and will not slip or slide. This makes it easy to keep across your shoulders and arms without it slipping off like traditional shawls. It will also stay in place if you wear it over your head and draped down your back and chest.

The Pamplona can also be worn as a vest because of its innovative design. You can wrap the Pamplona around your neck and put your arms through either side creating a beautiful silk vest. There are many other ways to wear your Pamplona, limited only by your imagination and creativity. Pamplona’s are a great addition to any wardrobe and make great gifts for anyone who likes to accessorize.

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