Part I – Are There Ingredients Put in Food to Make You Fat?

Yes! There are additives purposely put in food to bypass your natural hunger mechanisms, making you crave and eat more. These additives are man made chemicals that offer absolutely no nutritional value, are indigestible, addictive and more than that they make you FAT. Want to know what the food industry’s motivation is for doing this? Well, just think about it. The more you eat their food product (with these addictive ingredients), the more you crave it and ultimately the more you buy it and make them wealthier while YOU get fatter.

Need more proof? The top 5 culprits are:

· High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

· Monosodium Glutamate (aka MSG)

· Olestra

· Artificial Sweeteners

· Trans Fat

Now I must stress to you that this list is abbreviated and there are several fat-inducing culprits not listed, but it gives you a starting point. It’s now up to you to put this information to good use and arm yourself with the knowledge to resist the unsavory marketing tactics of the corporations setting out to make you fat. It’s also up to you to think twice about what you’re feeding your children because not doing so will only give way to another generation of people who get fat along with the pockets of these merciless corporations. So continue to educate yourself and others about what’s really in the food that we are eating. More importantly, take some steps toward making better food choices TODAY!!

Here are some easy steps to start with:

* Read the ingredients & nutritional labels

* Recognize the foods that will help you lose weight versus those ‘posing’ as weight loss products (e.g. look for ‘posers’ on the ingredients label like olestra and artificial sweeteners)

* Eat foods in their natural state and avoid processed foods

* Stay away from food with long ingredient lists

* Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store

* Cook & stop buying processed food

I will leave you with a quote from an article in the New York Times written by Hannah Fairfield. In the article T. Colin Campbell, a nutritionist as Cornell University, said that, “there is a lot of money tied up in the industry because it is profitable for companies to make these foods.” He added that, “Processed foods contain large amounts of fat, salt and sugar, and Americans have become addicted to them.”

Source by Amirah Bellamy

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