Pelosi Blows Up Trump’s Scheme By Delaying Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump had a plan to declare himself vindicated, but Speaker Pelosi is blowing all of that up by delaying the impeachment trial.

CNN’s Boris Sanchez reported, “The president wants to expedite this process. He’s frustrated and angry over being impeached and now the senate trial he’s been asking for may be delayed. The White House strategy is stunted by Nancy Pelosi holding back the articles of impeachment. The president has been asking allies what is she doing? There’s a question about whether Pat Cipollone should lead the president’s defense. The president asking allies what they think of him. Some allies are concerned he may not give the president the TV moments he’s looking for. The president wants a show.”


Trump makes most of his decisions based on media coverage, so he has been rushing and pressing Mitch McConnell to get the impeachment trial going. Trump thinks that he will somehow be unimpeached in the public eye by the impeachment trial, but Speaker Pelosi, along with the majority of Americans, wants to see a fair trial where evidence is permitted in front of the American people.

Trump’s show trial will have to wait, as Nancy Pelosi won’t allow Trump and McConnell to have their way without a fight.

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