Pelosi Just Sent A Strong Message To Putin And Trump About 2020

Nancy Pelosi said that she was sending a message to Putin and Trump that the American people will pick the next president.

Speaker Pelosi said at a press conference, “This is about the Constitution of the United States. And it’s important for the president to know and for Putin to know that the American voter — voters in America should decide who our president is. Not Vladimir Putin in Russia. So today I’m very proud to present the managers who will bring the case which we have great confidence in terms of impeaching the president and his removal. But this further evidence insists that — we wouldn’t be in this situation had we not waited and insist that the be — that there be witnesses and that we see documentation. Now you see some of that change happening on the Senate side.”


Trump is tantruming over Pelosi’s choices for a good reason. The Speaker’s choices reinforce the point that Donald Trump committed crimes and is trying to steal another presidential election. The message to Putin is that there will be consequences and his puppets are not going to emerge unscathed from the Russian election attacks. The country was taken by surprise by the Russian attack in 2016, but this time, everyone knows it’s coming and they are ready.

Nancy Pelosi is defending her country and democracy from an attack that is coming from Moscow and inside the Oval Office.

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