Pence makes plans to go away the nation instantly after overseeing Trump’s last loss

No, actually! We’re not making this up! As reported by Politico, Mike Pence is trying to preside over the acceptance of the Electoral School outcomes, then go away city the exact same day to go on a tour of the Center East and Europe. It might mark Pence’s first international journey in a yr, and is being timed to coincidentally overlap with the times by which Donald Trump is predicted to froth and rage greater than Donald Trump has ever frothed and raged earlier than. Go determine. It additionally comes throughout a spike within the COVID-19 pandemic, which Mike Pence is accountable for combatting, that’s inflicting hundreds of American deaths per day. This is able to be a real drawback if Mike Pence really had actual pandemic duties; luckily, he doesn’t.

In a considerably satisfying little bit of exposition, Politico offers each the duvet motive for Pence’s sudden curiosity in going to for example, um, Israel and Poland, and the closer-to-earth political concerns for Pence’s self-orchestrated non permanent defenestration. In premise, Mike Pence will probably be leaving to advertise the Trump-Kushner plan for peace within the Center East, which now consists of agreeing to promote superior U.S. weapons to Arab nations in change for his or her diplomatic recognition of Israel. (Since his early candidacy, Trump has centered on the usage of the presidency to spice up weapon gross sales, and that’s certainly the place we rapidly ended up.)

In apply, that is fooling no person: Politico calls the journey the continuation of a “tactic” Pence has been utilizing to distance himself, post-election, from the worst of Trump’s fascist declarations of fraudulent voting and election victory. As he has from the start of the 2016 marketing campaign, Pence himself has been methodically enjoying either side of that fence, each amplifying Trump’s asinine claims to Republican audiences and dodging anybody within the press who seeks to query him about it. Additionally, notes Politico, a last-minute taxpayer-funded journey to Israel is a means for Pence to once more enhance his credentials with evangelicals.

That’s additionally a given, since boosting his evangelical credentials and sprucing Trump’s footwear have been Mike Pence’s solely noteworthy considerations throughout his whole keep in workplace. Mike Pence desires of getting a future political profession, after Donald Trump leaves. Donald Trump is thwarting that but once more with strategies that he won’t ever, ever go away, however as an alternative run for president-slash-antichrist but once more in 4 years, in order that’s a little bit of a sting to Pence’s personal ambitions, and it actually couldn’t occur to a shallower and extra glibly amoral man.

Anyhoo, it seems this may really be taking place. Pence will preside over the ultimate nail in Trump’s reelection coffin, then run instantly to an airport and flee to Europe and the Center East whereas the warmth dies down. He might or might not faux that his telephone is out of battery throughout his whole journey, with the intention to dodge Trump’s livid telephone calls. He’ll assuredly not be popping into the White Home between his congressional look and his flight.

Every week or so later, Pence expects the warmth to die down and that each Trump and his frothing, violence-promoting fascist diehards can have gotten the worst of their fury out of their programs and gone again to watching tv, so he’ll sneak again to quietly faux to be a backyard vegetable for his remaining few weeks of workplace.

That is all doubtless prelude to a spring- or summer-issued ebook by Mike Pence by which he explains that Donald Trump continues to be fantastic and is principally the second coming of Jesus, however that Mike Pence is even higher so please maintain him in thoughts in your future Republican Social gathering wants. It is going to be solely a ripple in an ocean of equally premised Republican pleas for redemption, can have a large number of Bible quotes that Mike Pence has by no means, ever tried to place into apply besides as marketing campaign supplies, and will probably be completely unbearable.

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