People Are Posting Really Weird Stuff On Google Maps At Trump Properties

Donald Trump takes up a lot of space on the map. The Trump Organization owns or licenses its name to dozens of properties around the world, including several Trump Towers, Trump Plazas, Trump International Hotels, and Trump International Golf Clubs. All of these places are listed on Google Maps, where, as a way to assist with place descriptions, anyone with a Google account can submit a photo, video, or 360-degree panoramic view of what these places are like.

Most of the people who earnestly submit media for these places appear to be eager participants in the MAGA fandom that Trump cultivates. They often take selfies, or pose next to things that say “Trump” on them, and eagerly capture framed pictures of Trump and merchandise in his gift shop.

On the other hand, there are also some people just doing really weird stuff. We reviewed the user-contributed content on Google Maps for every Trump property that we could identify, plus other Trump-related locations such as the White House and his childhood home. Here are the strangest things we found.

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