Phone System Features That Can Change The Way A Business Communicates

Communication is the key success factor for any business. Phone systems can perform a number of functions that can prove beneficial for the business. They can help in establishing better communication with the various stakeholders of the business.

Phone system features

The phone systems in various types of big and small organisations consist of a number of unique features that can help improve business operations. Few such features include:

Automatic call forwarding

The feature helps to redirect incoming calls to various extensions or devices. The feature may follow a chain of redirecting the call starting from the office extension to the extension of the person entrusted with the responsibility of handling the call. The call forwarding chain can be modified to suit the requirements of a business. It offers the following advantages:

  • Important calls are not missed.
  • Number of incoming calls is increased.
  • Customers are attended to immediately without having to wait.
  • Calls can be picked up at any location.
  • The feature allows calls to be redirected beyond the working hours.

Auto attendant

The auto attendant feature is used to greet incoming callers and connect them to the required department and extension by allowing them to make selections via their keypads. This feature can reduce dependency on receptionists to receive and forward calls.

The auto attendant feature may also be integrated with the music on hold feature. The feature enables music to be played while the Caller is put on hold.

Conference Calling

The conference calling feature is beneficial for large businesses. The feature allows organizations to conduct video and audio meetings with customers or business partners who may be situated in different areas of the globe. Panasonic phone systems can be used to conduct conference calls using various devices like table top units, desktop PC’s and apps etc.

Transcription of voicemail to email

The voicemail feature is used by almost every business organization to record messages from missed callers. Listening to the recorded messages may take a considerable amount of time. Phone systems offer a feature where voicemail can be transcribed to email messages. This helps to easily go through the recorded messages.

Call management feature

Phone systems offer various types of call management features which and manipulate calls to suit the requirements of the business. Few such features include:

  • The feature allows manager to listen to and monitor calls for the purpose of training of employees and to ensure quality service to customers.
  • The whispering feature may be used by managers to prompt employees without the third caller being able to listen.
  • The barge feature allows managers to join a call at any point of time.
  • The call record option helps to save conversations for future references.
  • The call barring feature can be used to bar certain incoming and outgoing numbers.
  • Call logging can be used to maintain record of all dialled calls.

There are numerous phone system features that can be chosen according to individual requirement.

Source by Phil Harwood

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