Pirates’ Felipe Vazquez faces 21 new sex charges related to assault of teen girl

Pirates pitcher Felipe Vasquez faces 21 additional charges related to an alleged sexual relationship with an underage girl after police say they found evidence of child pornography on electronic devices he owns, according to media reports. 

In addition to sex-crime charges against Vasquez stemming from a September arrest in connection with the 2017 sexual assault of the 13-year-old girl, Vasquez also will be tried on 10 counts of child porn, 10 counts of unlawful conduct with a minor and one count of corruption of a minor, according to TribLive.com.

Vazquez admitted to police in September that he had a sexual encounter with the girl and referred to the incident as “sex but not really,” according to court documents. The encounter allegedly happened in the driveway of the girl’s home about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh. Vazquez was charged then with using a computer to solicit a child for sex and providing obscene material to a minor. 

“They had exchanged photographs … and subsequently did engage in sexual intercourse in his vehicle,” Pennsylvania state Trooper Michael Thompson testified in court Tuesday, per TribLive.

During Vazquez’s arrest, Thompson testified, the pitcher showed him images from the girl that he had on his laptop. Seven pictures and three videos that showed the girl nude or partially nude were found on Vazquez’s phone and laptop during the investigation, according to testimony.  

According to police, the girl and her family moved to Florida after the 2017 incident, and it was there that the girl’s mother discovered electronic communication between the girl and Vazquez and alerted authorities, which led to the September warrant. A judge denied a request from Florida authorities to have Vazquez extradited there.

A judge on Tuesday denied a $1 million bond for Vasquez, 28, who will remain in custody until his trial. The Pirates suspended Vazquez indefinitely after his arrest.

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