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About Poga Moonga Drink and the Distributor

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1. Truth about Poga Moonga Company-

Poga International, LLC is a brand new organization, which is located in a small Texas town of Montgomery. Poga is also a distributor and you can order their products & resell!

2.What does Poga Moonga sells?-

Poga Moonga sells the finest drinks with the finest ingredients which are most potent, beneficial nutritional beverages.

3. More about Poga Moonga Drink-

Inside a bottle of Poga Moonga, is very natural, tasty, nutritional health beverage that unbolts the nutrient rich leaf and seeds of Moringa tree with the mind of pomegranate and the wonder of aloe vera. The flavors are infused using our proprietary called Phyto-P to form the magic called “PogaMoonga.”

More about the potent ingredients:

A. the Moringa tree –

Those are the root that converts into medications used by India people in ancient times. They do treat those medications to 300 sites of diseases to cure. Also, the Greeks and Romans have used those for medicine,perfume and many different things.

The Moringa leaf contains:

o 7 times of the vitamin C of Oranges

o 4 times the vitamin A of Carrots

o 3 times the Potassium of Bananas

o 2 times the Protein of Yogurt

B. Pomegranate (The Juice) –

The fruit plants comes from the Middle East and grows wild under cultivation in Syria, Israel and Persia. In Greek mythology that mentioned those plants as “The Medicinal power” Also, the Chinese mentioned this pomegranate juice as longevity drug. Dr. Michael Aviram, technion biochemist has researched many ways to prevent and break down the cholesterol in the arteries that causes stroke and heart disease. This company added the “Po” in PogoJuice.

C. Aloe vera –

has a long history of an effective medicinal. Aloe vera was used by the ancient Egyptians & Greeks. Both of those cultures have used those Aloe vera plants for a variety of medicinal purposes. Aloe vera can be used as a burn medication in 1930’s & for the victims of Hiroshima. Lot of direct sales organizations present products of Aloe vera in many drinks, salves & ointments. The effectiveness of aloe vera with both external and internal application is well formed.


1. Retail Sales – When you become their distributor, the sales can be made on your own duplicated copy website. Profit can be paid weekly and possible to earn every day.

2. Super Start Bonus – You will earn 45% of sales when you signed up, will be paid weekly.

3. Unilevel Commissions- You will be paid in monthly, up about 9 compressed levels down.

4. Worldwide Bonus Pool – A ¼ bonus pool on 3% of worldwide sales.

You will have to pay 35 dollars for a membership to process, and will have to pay $25 per month to stay with them. You will get your own distributor website so you can start promote your products right away.

You can buy a box of Poga juice for $99.99 and then resell it at price for $135 per case. You will be making very low profit.

Personally, I think that is a waste of time, to gathering up the people who don’t know about those products. You will have to pay $ 25 monthly to stay with them and have your website up. If failed to pay $25 and your website will be taken down and will be useless.

Think about this, you have to pay $25 dollars per month, try to times that amount to 12 (for months) that will be $300.00, plus you will have spend a lot of time to get people, but who will be interested into those products? I think it will be very difficult for everyone to promote this kind of products.

Source by Adam Alexander Smith

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