Popular Two Way Radio Features for Ghost Hunting Investigation Teams

If you are part of a ghost hunting investigation team, it is very important that you have two way radio units available for each individual that is part of your group. These devices are extremely beneficial in communicating unusual phenomenon, basic location, as well as any type of emergency information such as injuries and sicknesses that could occur while conducting a paranormal investigation. These communication devices have many different capabilities and features associated with them. In this guide, you will learn about the popular features of two way radios that ghost hunting investigation teams may benefit having.

When conducting a paranormal investigation, your team may be researching old buildings such as homes, prisons, and hospitals. Additionally, the team may be investigating outdoor areas such as graveyards. For this reason, it is important to choose two way radios that have a relatively high frequency range. Frequency range is a feature that you should definitely look for. The most appropriate frequency for ghost study investigation teams is 900 MHz. This is the same range that you will find associated with most cordless telephone systems in homes and businesses. This particular feature will allow you the capability of communicating both indoors and outdoors with your team members.

When your paranormal team conducts an investigation, it is often a location that is not familiar. Many times, people will contact you and request that you check out their homes and businesses to determine if the unusual phenomenon that they are experiencing is ghost related. It is beneficial to ensure that there are features on your two way radios that will assist you in maneuvering in locations you are not familiar with. Examples of features that will help in this area include a built in digital compass feature, a built in flashlight, LED flashlight, and similar features.

Ghost hunting could be a potentially dangerous type of pursuit. There are many different types of emergencies that could arise. Examples include weather emergencies, environmental emergencies, injuries, sickness, and similar events. When choosing two way radios for your ghost hunting team, it is important to opt for those that include emergency features. Examples of these features include NOAA Weather Radio broadcast capabilities, “Voice Activated Transmit” or “VOX”, vibrate alert, text messaging capabilities, talk confirmation tones, S.A.M.E Technology features, noise filtering, missed call alerts, low battery alerts, and emergency alerts.

As you can see, there are many different features associated with two way radios that will be highly beneficial if you are part of a ghost investigation team. These devices allow you to communicate with your colleagues in an inexpensive manner while offering many different features that will prove to be exceptionally beneficial in a large number of situations. As a ghost hunter, you could run into many different situations. Not only are you looking to prove that there are real ghosts, you are also consistently striving to keep yourself and others safe. By having two way radios with the features highlighted in this guide, your investigations will not only be more productive, but they will also be much safer.

Source by Angela Shiflett

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