Pot Belly Causes: Unknown Secrets on What to Avoid

Pot belly causes are many. Some are however more damning than others. The damning causes when avoided however will save you from amassing belly fat. This article is written to project the unknown secrets on what to do to avoid the pain of pot belly.

1. Improper diet and nutrition: Indulging in improper dieting especially when you consume foods and drinks that encourage pot belly. For example indulgence in the consumption of fatty foods like chocolate and fried foods will definitely result in pot belly. Likewise the indulgence I the consumption of carbohydrate foods like white bread, rice, pasta and pastries could also cause it. Also the type of drinks you consume could cause belly fat. Avoid at all cost the consumption of alcohol if you do not want beer belly. You are therefore advised to design a nutrition and diet plan that will work for you and will assist you in removing your belly fat.

2. Living a lazy and sedentary life: Living a lazy and sedentary life could result in pot belly. You should therefore design an exercise and workout plan that is unique to you and will help you reduce it. Embrace both cardiovascular and strength building exercise like light jogging, Kapalbathi Prinayama,Tae Bo, aerobics, brisk walking, swimming, cycling and basketball. Endeavor to be active always.

3. Improper posture is also a cause: The way you stand could result in amassing belly fat. Endeavor to stand straight always.

4. Constipation: Irregular bowel movement could also cause belly fat. You should therefore ensure that clean your bowel regularly to avoid it.

5. Weak abdominal musculature: Having weak abdominal musculature could also cause pot belly. It is therefore advisable to engage in exercises that will tone up your abs.


You should realize that whatever you do to reduce or eliminate your pot belly you will need to condition it through reinforcement to make it last and permanent. You have to reward yourself immediately you engage in any behavior that encourage belly fat reduction or elimination. You should however reprimand yourself immediately you do anything that encourage belly fat.

Source by Napoleon Jackson

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