Pregnancy Staple: The Super-Foods

While pregnancy is the most amazing experience in a woman’s life, it is, to many extents, excruciating too. The body and the mind goes through so many unique changes during this time, that both become exhausted and wearied. It is inevitable, but to-be-moms can actually minimize the side effects of pregnancy by taking proper care of themselves, and it definitely starts with a balanced diet. There are some super-foods, which have been proven to make pregnancy a better experience, for both mommy and baby.

Loveable Leafy Greens

We all have heard this over and over again that how beneficial leafy green veggies are during pregnancy. It does not matter how much overstated it sounds, but it is utterly important to have a healthy amount of leafy greens in to-be-moms’ daily diets. This is why the green beauties like spinach, collard greens, kale, cabbages, brussels and all such rich resources of Vitamin A, C, lutein, carotene, calcium and many more, have topped our super-foods’ list!

League of Legumes and Beans

These are the ultimate, super convenient super-foods which should be there in expectant moms’ menus everyday. Rich in fibers, protein, iron, niacin, thiamine, calcium, sodium and many other good things, the beans and legumes also come with the longest storage lives. These can be stored and frozen easily while keeping the nutrients intact for days. Whether in thick soups, or healthy salads, these are perfect to be tried the way pregnant moms feel comfortable with. After all, they do become choosy when it is about food, so they are the ones to decide how to eat their beans, indeed!

Wholesome Whole Grains

While processed grains destroy many of the goodness in food, whole grains actually fill up those losses. For expectant moms, inclusion of whole grains in their daily meals is nothing but a must. The minerals, proteins, fibers, and vitamins, particularly the Vitamin B Complex is vital to ensure both baby and mom’s well-being. Having more oats, quinoa or brown rice instead of the regular processed ones will add more benefits.

Nourishing Nuts (and Seeds, too!)

Nuts and seeds are our all time favorite pregnancy snacks. We can not deny the sudden cravings for bizarre things, but for the other times, tossing nuts and seeds in the mouth like good old days can not be beaten. Moreover, having a portion of these everyday will include important nutrients like fiber, minerals and omega-3 fatty acid. It will be a good idea to skip the packaged ones, since they are full of added salts, oils and other unwanted taste-enhancers. Being as much natural as possible always works, so just home-roasting walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews etc. will do great.

Pregnancy is one crucial time for both mom and her baby. All it needs is the right care. When you are responsible to provide nutrition to two human lives, it is worth the work. While these super-foods are must to have, do not forget to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Source by Mehnaz S Tabassum

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