Preparing for a Hot Date or a Red Carpet Event? How to Create Sultry Eyes Using Makeup

Part of a woman’s ritual when dressing up for a day or night out is putting on makeup. During the daytime, you might only put on some sunscreen, lip gloss and a light blush or bronzer and that is all that’s required to finish up your look. But when you’re preparing for a hot date or a red carpet event, your makeup needs to be more dramatic.

When it comes to makeup, one of the biggest misconceptions that women have is thinking that they should look entirely different once the beauty ritual is done. This is not true at all. Makeup is something that you should have a lot of fun with. It can be playful, light, dramatic or young. Instead of changing the way you look, what you put on your face should simply enhance your features rather than hide them.

From Start to Finish: Creating Sultry Eyes

Let’s say that you are dressing up for a night out. If you’d like to paint the town red, you should be made up accordingly and it all starts with sultry evening eyes. What can you do to achieve exactly that effect?

Here are a few steps that you can follow:

First, clean and moisturize your skin.

Even if you plan to put on very light makeup, you still need to have a ‘canvas’ which is perfectly cleaned, thoroughly dried and moisturized skin. You wouldn’t want the foundation to get caked on your skin and make your face end up looking uneven. Oils and dirt on the face are other no-nos, so before putting on makeup, be sure that your face is properly cleansed and moisturized.

Prep your skin up with a primer.

Let’s say that you have already applied a very light liquid or powder foundation on your face. The next thing that you need to do is prep your skin up with a primer. Apply a thin layer of primer on your eyelids. This will allow the eyeshadow that you will apply to adhere for a longer time on the area. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you can use concealer for that as well.

Choose the color and apply eyeshadow.

Next, choose the color of eyeshadow that you’d like to use. You can choose one based on the color of your eyes, what you’re going to wear, or simply what you are in the mood for. Sultry eyes are created by choosing a medium shade for the upper eyelids, then applying the darkest color to the creases of the eyelids to create depth and drama. It’s best to use a trio of colors which you can blend well using a brush to create sultry, dramatic eyes.

Finish up your look with some eyeliner and mascara.

Finally, your eye makeup will never be complete without some eyeliner and mascara. Since you’re going on a night out, it’s fine to line your eyes using a dark pencil. Use an eyelash curler and apply about three coats of mascara – preferably the waterproof variant. Follow these steps and you’ll look absolutely stunning with your dramatic eye makeup!

Source by Dina Farass

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