Preppy 2010 Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaid dresses are the biggest fashion element in your wedding, after the bridal gown itself (sorry groom, but no one is going to pay much attention to what you are wearing!). Because they are usually seen in a large number, the bridesmaid dresses have a big impact on the color palette and style of your ceremony. These are some great ideas for classic preppy bridesmaid dresses which will add a dash of timeless charm to your wedding.

A big trend for 2010 is to dress the bridesmaids in a very light neutral color, or even white. If this appeals to you, a fantastic bridesmaid dress would be one of the white eyelet lace dresses from Lilly Pulitzer. Available in strapless styles and styles with straps, the look is one of classic romance, with a crisp preppy twist. A pearl tin cup necklace would be the ideal bridesmaid jewelry for white eyelet bridesmaid dresses. Continue the all white theme, or opt for a custom tin cup necklace made with pale pink pearls. Pink and white peony bouquets will be the perfect finishing detail for your beautiful bridesmaids.

Seersucker is another favorite fabric of preppy brides, and there are some marvelous options available. The dress company thread does fantastic bridesmaid dresses in several colors of seersucker, which would be great for a wedding on a hot summer afternoon. There are both knee length and full length dresses, so you can decide on how formal you want to go with your attendants’ attire. Your bridesmaids will love that these dresses do not scream “bridesmaid”, which will make them easy to wear again summer after summer.

For a beach wedding with a preppy flavor, check out the great dresses at Vineyard Vines. They do an adorable pink shift dress with a subtle shell pattern that would be perfect for an informal wedding on the sand. White lace trim adds elegance to the simple shape of the knee length shift dresses. Dressy flip flops will be cute and comfy for the sand. A cute detail would be to have your bridesmaids carry bouquets with seashells wired in amongst the flowers to tie in with the shell print on their dresses.

If your style is more formal, there are some wonderful classic bridesmaid dresses that have a preppy flair to them. The cotton cady dresses at J Crew have a terrific crisp polished look, and are available in preppy favorites like azalea pink and clover green. They are mostly offered in knee length styles, and the nice thing is that bridesmaids can choose from several different necklines within the same fabric and color. That allows each woman to choose the dress which is most flattering to her figure, while still maintaining a unified appearance for the bridal party as a whole (because we all know that preppy gals like things to match!).

Certainly, there are some great choices for floor length preppy bridesmaid dresses as well. Any gown with clean lines in colors like pink, green, or navy could work well. Consider adding custom details to make a plain dress more unique, such as a silk taffeta madras plaid sash over a simple pink shantung dress. Classic pearl wedding jewelry and pretty bouquets of roses, peonies, tulips, or hydrangeas will complete your preppy bridesmaid ensembles perfectly.

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