President Biden ought to go on a hiring spree of federal staff

Few leaders, nonetheless, had been as unabashed—certainly, zealous—of their hatred of the federal workforce as President Donald Trump. He berated federal staff writ giant as brokers of the deep state and sought to disclaim assets for all however these finishing up the federal authorities’s most odious actions. (His administration issued a mandate that ICE rent a further 10,000 staff that the company hadn’t even requested for.) Unsurprisingly, confronted with the risk, and generally the truth, of funds cuts, retaliation, and reorganizations, many federal staff walked out the door, leaving struggling businesses even weaker than earlier than.

For all of the media consideration that attrition has acquired in the course of the Trump years, it’s necessary to notice that many agencies noticed their staffing numbers plummet much more following the Obama administration’s ill-advised sequestration take care of the Republican Congress. Nonetheless, the significantly flashy, merciless nature of Trump’s assaults has drawn consideration to the federal workforce’s plight in a brand new approach.

This consciousness was enormously heightened over the previous 12 months because the nation skilled simply how ill-prepared the federal authorities is to deal with the challenges of our time. To make sure, Trump actively interfered with important parts of the COVID-19 response, however examples of crumbling governing infrastructure that had been largely unbiased of Trump additionally abounded. Contemplate, as an illustration, the Treasury Division’s sluggish distribution of stimulus checks to hundreds of thousands, or the mess that was the Small Enterprise Administration’s handling of assist to genuinely determined small companies. Many have come away with the sense that the nation’s authorities, as soon as able to astounding feats, merely was now not as much as the duties earlier than it.

With extra widespread recognition of each the issue and the stakes, the time is now proper for President Biden to make the case for a hiring spree. […]






“It’s higher to err on the aspect of an excessive amount of somewhat than too little. Rates of interest are at zero, inflation is low, unemployment is excessive. You don’t want a textbook to know that is while you push on the fiscal accelerator. Let’s go.” ~~Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics on stimulus/survival laws (1/31/2021)


On this date at Each day Kos in 2011—O’Keefe copycat who focused Deliberate Parenthood faceplants out of the gate:

So one other weirdo wingnut James O’Keefe wannabe has launched a hoax video concentrating on “the left.” This one was created by an anti-choice activist named Lila Rose and it targets Deliberate Parenthood. Rose, who collaborated with O’Keefe prior to now, aimed to supply a carbon copy of his ACORN/pimp hoax movies, this time substituting ACORN with Deliberate Parenthood and O’Keefe’s pimp outfit with actors and actresses claiming to be a part of an underage prostitution ring.

Rose is simply now releasing the movies during which she claims that Deliberate Parenthood conspired to cowl up the prostitution ring. She solely leaves out one element: Deliberate Parenthood officers, who immediately realized they had been in all probability being punked, nonetheless went to federal authorities on the off-chance that Rose’s actors weren’t a part of one other O’Keefe model hoax.

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