Press Secretary Ends Briefing And Flees When Requested If Trump Was Briefed On Russia Bounty

White Home Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany ended the briefing and walked after she was requested to make clear if Trump was briefed on the Russia bounty.

When requested for readability on whether or not or not Trump was briefed, McEnany stated, An editor asserted that the Trump marketing campaign and Russia had an overarching deal that the quid of assist in the marketing campaign in opposition to Hillary for the quo of a brand new Russia overseas coverage. That’s what we name the Russia hoax which was investigated for 3 years with taxpayers {dollars} earlier than in the end getting an exoneration (Trump was by no means exonerated) within the Mueller report.It’s inexcusable the failed Russia reporting of The New York Occasions, and I feel it’s time that The New York Occasions, and in addition The Washington Publish, hand again their Pulitzers.”


The Press Secretary by no means answered the query however selected to go together with the standard Trump tactic of making an attempt to discredit the supply of the unique reporting. It’s a simple query to reply. If Trump was briefed, say so.
Reports are that Trump was briefed in March, but ignored the briefing.

The one cause for the White House to hold a House Republican-only briefing on the bounty is as a result of they’re trying to do harm management.

The press briefing backfired and solely added to the scandal by making Trump look responsible as sin.

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