Procrastination and the Brick Wall

Leverage is the answer.

I don’t usually have a problem with procrastination, I am generally confident in my abilities and quite practical. If I have done something similar I just assume I can do it.

However there is one area that puts me in a spin, anything new that is technical and I “just know” it will cause me trouble. How silly when 10 year-olds can master computers, and play computer games with ease. Why do I have a road block? Am I wired differently or is it all in my belief system?

Probably my belief system is at fault according to the experts, maybe I should try some NLP, or (NLC according to Anthony Robbins). As I grew up in a more practical age, I think that is why I learnt those things easily and now electronic devices seem somewhat scary to master. However it seems I should gain some leverage and change the way I look at challenges.

This means making a list of all the gains achieved in completing a task, make it very powerful. Then make a list of all I will miss out on if I don’t accomplish it. So that the pain of not doing the task is much greater than the imaginary pain I have been feeling when I road-blocked the task. We all move from pain to pleasure it is a case of transferring what brings us the most pleasure.

When I gain a burning desire to achieve something that outweighs the pain I perceive I will stop procrastinating and look forward to completing the task. Perhaps some lessons from a 10 year-old would help too!

I tied the method yesterday and a task I had been avoiding for 6 months with never-ending excuses became much easier, (unfortunately no youngsters were around to help me!) It’s a great feeling when you beat the road blocks, try it and see what you can achieve!

Despite my technophobic tendencies I have an online business, and as I dissolve my challenges I love completing my new tasks; the satisfaction gained is amazing. What will your new achievements be?

If you would like to learn the secrets of working online affiliate marketing is the simplest way to begin. With the guidance of a coach providing excellent products, professionally written sales pages combined with marketing training you will soon begin to earn as you learn, and see commissions coming in.

Begin in your spare-time and see if you love it too. Grow your business to the size that suits you. There are many millionaires in the online world, if you are determined and committed enough to join them.

Affiliate marketing is suitable for almost everyone, you just need a burning desire to succeed plus regular commitment and belief in yourself, and you can begin an exciting hobby business.

Books that could help and inspire you:

“Feel the Fear and do IT anyway” by Susan Jeffers

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins

“Secrets of the NLP Masters” by Judy Bartkowiak

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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