Procrastination – The Enemy of Progress

Procrastination – the dictionary definition: To defer action. Basically something comes over us causing us to delay action, although at the same time we know and often want to move forward with the project in question.

Although it could be laziness, often it is a form of fear of the unknown which secretly has us entrapped, and causes us to do anything but the thing we know we should be doing.

How can we fight this enemy of progress, this fear of failure? Making a step by step plan and following it helps to override the procrastination; also learning more about the daunting task and finding all the benefits gained by moving forward, changes the perspective and lessons the fear.

Visualising strongly all the advantages until you can’t wait to press on and any fear will be replaced by excitement. If you can turn your procrastination into an exciting step in your project, and learn to welcome these temporary insecure feeling, your progress will multiply enormously and you will find previously difficult tasks more fun and satisfying. If you feel inspired by your visualizations, laziness too will melt away.

Learn to recognise if it is fear of the unknown, or perhaps fear of failure when you are resisting a task, or is it laziness, or a genuine desire to do something else.

So now next time you are procrastinating try the steps above and see if they work for you. I know they work for me when I suddenly find myself resisting learning a new technique in my business; or as currently is the case – deciding to clear cupboards and pack up the house for our pending move. October still feels long enough away to put off all the sorting out that needs to be done. Obviously time for some visualization! (Could this be laziness, or a genuine desire to currently do more important things)!

In October when the house sale is completed here and in Spain, we begin our new lifestyle. No more ice and snow of British winters, instead we can expect 16-18 degrees, much more appealing! We will return to England for our summers, spent by the fishing lakes in the countryside of Lincolnshire.

How can we enjoy this dual lifestyle, well it’s thanks to growing my affiliate marketing business. With internet marketing I need little more than a laptop and internet connection and perhaps a collection of books as I really don’t like reading on electronic devices, oh and my trusted printer!

Books that I have found inspiring and helpful:

“Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers

“Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy

“100% Mind Power” by Jack Ensign Addington

“Stop Worrying and Start Living” By Dale Carnegie

“Buying Abroad” a Which Guide, you will also find a selection of specific country guides on your book-store shelves or library.

Should you wish to discover more about affiliate marketing you will find a selection of books on the subject in your favourite book-store.

I hope this gives you something to consider for exciting future plans.

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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