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04 Dec 2019, 00:01 IST

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DreamHack Delhi is just around the corner and this huge gathering is a haven for gamers, non-gamers and anyone else seeking some entertainment. There are multiple tournaments being hosted, from mobile to console to PC and the main event, CS:GO Invitational.

But DreamHack Delhi is not just for game tournaments alone. The event also hosts multiple different events such as cosplays, stand-up comedies, board games and “Streamer Zones”. Keep in mind that some of these events and their entry will be limited based on the ticket you have purchased. A full three-day pass will usually allow you to enter all these events.

If you host a live streaming game channel on Twitch, Mixer or other platforms, you can register here and you will get the opportunity to promote your channel on the grand stage in the venue. Even if you are a small channel, don’t worry. This is a good chance for you to show off the games you are good at and potentially gain some new followers.

You can also participate in the various tournaments and then promote your channel after. Maybe it would help you if you won a tournament and showed off your skills to attract followers but no pressure!

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