Pulling Off Ultra-Short Female Haircuts

The secret to pulling off ultra short female haircuts is to keep them a little bit flirty. Once you loose the flirty nature in short haircuts, you lose the feminine vibe. You also need to pick the right cut for your face shape to achieve the most flattering look.

One of the easiest ways to add a flirty feel to short haircuts, regardless of your face shape, is to use highlights. The right colored strands in the right areas helps brighten up your look, add dimension to your style and preserve that fun energy. The difference in color can also help focus attention to more flattering aspects of your appearance.

Heart face

A heart shaped face is always in danger of adding too much volume on top, emphasizing how dramatically the face tapers towards the chin. Extremely short haircuts need to use a smooth and sleek style to flatter the heart shape. Thin or jagged bangs work well to cut up the forehead area and balance out volume.

Oval face

If you have an oval shaped face, pulling off an ultra short female haircut should be rather easy. Almost any cut and any style will appear flattering. Just make sure to avoid excess bangs, especially if they cover your forehead. An oval face is often considered attractive as is, don't cover it up.

Round face

Anyone with a round face must be very careful not to add width to their head. Instead use styles that add angles and height to your appearance. Try a modern haircut that keeps your tresses short and layered. Add some volume to the top of the style to elongate your face. The shape should remain larger on top, and then taper down towards your ears.

Square face

Square shaped faces need a short hairstyle that softens the features and add a rounder balance. Smooth and subtle layers that help add body or curls are almost always flattering, so keep any bangs wispy and flowing. Any sharp, angled or straight cuts will only exaggerate your square shape.

Rectangular Face

Any short hairstyle for a rectangle face should add width, not height. Keep the crown of the hair low and use texturing or curls to give volume to the sides. Side swept bangs can help minimize your forehead area while contributing to volume at the sides. Just make sure the bangs stay shorter than the rest of your hair, or they'll have a dragging effect.

Source by Aysha Schurman

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