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From Imelda Marcos to Hollywood celebs, a large collection of shoes is now standard in most women’s closets. The truth of the matter is that women require more shoes than men, and since we wear different pairs of shoes each pair gets less wear, and we keep our shoes longer. Men replace their shoes, women don’t and we don’t throw things away either. The fact the women own lots of shoes is merely a consequence of having too many clothes, which is an entirely different issue.

Sitting Shoes vs Walking Shoes

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, teetering in a pair of sky-high stilettos is not a good idea. Even the most beautiful shoes aren’t worth pain or a fall, save them for a sit-down-date. Walking aside, you can still look fabulous. Styles that are great for hoofing it are flats and lace-ups. Many flats come in ornamented styles with fancy embellishments on the toe, some that are even interchangeable! Go for a pair of fancy flats when you want comfort, but don’t want to look frumpy. Or try a spectator or two-toned wingtip for menswear inspired style.

Shoes to Get There in Style

Lace-ups are great for the gym, but if you crave something with a little more va-va-voom, go for a pair of platforms or wedges. New flat platform styles are fashion forward and as easy flats to walk in, just be mindful of twisting an ankle. Platform heels are also a bit easier to take than regular heels, because your whole foot is lifted, you get more height without increasing the angle of your heel in relation to toe.

For instance, 5 inch platforms will feel like 4 inch heels, depending on the height of the platform. Wedges are another great option for going walking. Wedges offer height and more stability because there is more surface area touching the ground and your weight is distributed over a larger area instead of just the heel. If you haven’t tried wedges, try them, they are surprisingly easy to walk in.

Shoes to Flatter Leg Shape

When it comes to dress shoes, think about the shape of your leg more than the style of shoe that you like. Ankle-Strap shoes work best on thin legs. Anything that puts a horizontal line across your legs will make them appear shorter, so women with long legs also do better in ankle-strap styles. T-straps also go around the ankle with a strap going down to the toe. T-Straps are reminiscent of the 1920’s and won’t fall off your feet when you’re doing the Charleston.

Mary Janes have a strap that runs across the foot instead of the ankle, but it takes a youthful personality to pull off the childlike Mary Jane. If you have short legs, or thick legs, or wide ankles, go for mules, and slingbacks. Mules, slingbacks, and D’Orsay styles. These will flatter and make your legs appear longer and slimmer by continuing the line of the leg, rather than cutting it off. Mules don’t have a back, so these will give you the longest look, but be sure to scrub those heels first!

D’Orsay is a lesser known style of shoe that is open on the inner side of the shoe, like a two piece, and closed on the outside like a pump. D’Orsay styles are more flattering than pumps on thick legs and ankles because they expose the inner arch of the foot, very sexy. A Two-Piece style has material across the vamp exposing the toes, and around the top. Because of the horizontal line they create, Two-Piece styles work better with thinner legs.

Remember that just because a pair of shoes looks nice on a coworker, it doesn’t mean they’ll look the same on everyone. Consider what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be wearing your shoes in order get the most of your purchase.

Source by Angela G. M.

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