Put Mayo on Each Items of Bread, You Weirdos

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Most individuals are shy about mayonnaise, however not me. I’m loud, if not downright obnoxious about it. It’s no secret that I’m very white (and type of Southern), and my enthusiasm for the pale complected, emulsified condiment involves me fairly naturally. (We match!) I’ve many mayo hacks, however the first, authentic mayo hack that made its approach into my mind was taught to me by my grandmother, when she advised me to make her bologna sandwich with mayo on each items. I discovered this technique at such a younger age, I simply assumed everybody did it that approach. (Spoiler: They don’t all do it that approach.)

Although it could shock you to know, it seems that not everybody places mayonnaise on each items of bread whereas making a sandwich, and I feel that is very silly. Not solely does mayo preserve your sandwich from feeling dry on the palate, and provide a tangy, creamy zip of taste—it additionally retains your bread from getting soggy.

Mayo is an emulsified fats, and water hates her. Spreading mayonnaise on each side of your sandwich creates a hydrophobic layer between the moist fillings and the dry bread, delaying the dreaded sandwich sog. This isn’t essential for those who’re consuming a sloppy sandwich over the sink at 1 a.m., however it could actually actually make the distinction in a packed lunch.

Plus, fats tastes good, and also you don’t want a whole lot of mayo—a skinny swipe on each bit of bread will do. If you’re a real mayo hater—and I do know a couple of—you may all the time use one other fats, like butter or, for those who’re an actual freak, Miracle Whip. (Apart from peanut butter, I put mayo on just about each sandwich that makes its strategy to my mouth, even breakfast sandwiches.)


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