Quality Over Quantity for Breakfast

There's a piece of advice when it comes to eating that goes like this: 'Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.' This quote can be attributed to the late Adelle Davis, an American author and nutritionist. Obviously, it talks about the amount of food we should eat at certain times of the day. And eating 'breakfast like a king' means we should consume more food during breakfast compared to what to we have during lunch and dinner.

Of course, when it comes to eating healthy, it's not so much about the quantity of the food we eat but more on the quality of the ingredients we use. But why the big focus on breakfast?

Importance of breakfast

Both adults and kids to eat breakfast at the start of their day so they can perform at their best. Getting the necessary nutrients and energy in the morning will not only start your day right; it will also get you going all morning, even sustain you all day if you regularly scrimp on your lunch. Research has shown that skipping meals, especially breakfast, can be detrimental for those trying to lose weight. This is because controlling one's weight can become more difficult if he / she skips the all-important breakfast.

Eat healthy

Consuming big amounts of food in the morning doesn't necessarily translate to a healthier you. Again, it's about quality more than the quantity. Be sure to choose one type of food from the following food groups: bread and grain, milk (or milk products), fruits, and vegetables. By eating a portion of each of these food groups, you're assured that you'll get all the essential nutrients you need for the day.

Find time to prepare a healthy breakfast

Our daily schedule can get so loaded that we don't have the time in the morning to prepare a really healthy breakfast. For many of us, breakfast is just grabbing something in the fridge and gulping it, sometimes even in just one motion. If you really can't squeeze in enough time to prep breakfast in the morning, what you can do is have ready in the evening before you go to bed and just put it in the fridge for you to consume the following morning.

If you have no idea what and how to prepare a healthy breakfast, don't worry, as you can find tons of healthy recipe online that are very easy to do.

So, eat breakfast like a king, but make sure you give your body royal treatment by eating healthy, too.

Source by Stephen G John

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