Questions About a Zeno Pressure Cooker – A BergHOFF Product Review

If you haven’t heard of Zeno Pressure Cooker, it’s another trusted name or brand of a pressure pot and an award-winning design of BergHOFF cookware.

Why they call the product award-winning?

The goal is to provide the best affordable price with premium quality and design. Zeno pressure cooker is carefully built safe, simple to use that many would find it an essential tool for any busy cook. Its pressure cooking versatility is a feature to work well for professionals, cooking fanatics as well as the most humble home cooks.

How quick is it to cook with Zeno Pressure Cooker?

Just like how a superior quality pressure cooker would work, it can prepare an entire meal in approximately one-third the time you would normally spend cooking. The incredible stainless steel pressure pot can achieve fast and even heat distribution which helps shave up to 70% off traditional cooking method times. If you’re cooking gourmet, you can have you gourmet meals in a fraction of the time.

How safe is Zeno?

A Zeno Pressure Cooker has two locking side handles and an open and close switch that helps guarantee safety. It has a multi-pressure selector valve that lets you maintain control. The pressure will not start to rise until the lid is not correctly closed. Lid also remains closed and cannot be opened as long as there is pressure inside. Both handles are featured “black bakelit”, which is purposely designed to stay cool for safe and easy handling.

The cleanup is also very simple; you don’t have to spend extra time in the kitchen scrubbing the pressure pot. All these come from the vision that carries out strict testing procedures prior to releasing the cookware, which only means each piece is perfectly safe for everyday use.

Is Zeno expensive?

Zeno Pressure Cooker is not expensive. Price only relies in the logic that quality means excellence. The choice to start cooking with a pressure cooker is to speed up cooking time while preserving vitamins, minerals and flavours in the food – a thing ordinary pots and pans cannot offer. For this decision you need the guarantee of getting just the right material.

For the busy cook who desires meals prepared in approximately one-third the time she/he would normally spend cooking – a quality pressure cooker is a solution.

Important tips:

Do not attempt to open the lid of the pressure cooker by force. See to it that steam has been released first before opening the lid, and always lift away from your face.

Source by Terry Retter

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