Quick Weight Loss Drugs Can Have Nasty Side Effects

Quick weight loss drugs might not be what you want to even consider once you read about all of the negative side effects that probably outweigh any of the possible benefits, when you can simply change your diet instead, which will only have positive side effects.

Are you willing to risk your health by taking potentially dangerous prescription quick weight loss drugs?

Some of these prescription weight loss drugs can be expensive also. They can cost anywhere from $100-$380 per month, which will have a side effect on your wallet. Your wallet will become lighter.

Some of the weight loss drugs are fat blockers. These drugs block fat, but they also have the potential to block other nutrients, which can then lead to a nutrient deficiency. Others are similar to amphetamines, and can have addictive qualities.

Depending on the type of drug, the side effects might include:

* Increased blood pressure

* Rapid heart beat

* Nausea

* Diarrhea

* Vomiting

* Dizziness

* Lightheadedness

* Frequent oily bowel movements

* Oily stool leakage

* Abdominal pain

* Gas pains

* Gas with oily spotting

* Inability to control bowel movements

* Psychotic episodes during withdrawal

* Risk of addiction

* Nervousness

* Restlessness

* Bloating

* Problems with libido

* Headaches

* Mood disorders

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Dry mouth

* Insomnia

* Constipation

It doesn’t sound like a good trade off to me. Also, what about possible unknown side effects might surface long term down the road?

If you ever did consider taking a weight loss drug, you and your doctor should sit down and talk about any potential benefits and weigh them against the possible long term risks. There are many people out there that have lost over 80 pounds or more just by changing their diet.

Personally, I do not trust synthetic drugs, I prefer to get my medicine from nature in the form of the foods that I eat. There are many healthy animals on the planet, and they are not reliant on prescription drugs to stay in shape. How do they do it? They are eating the foods that their genetics were designed to eat. Most humans on the other hand are eating foods that have been denatured, refined, artificially flavored, and also full of preservatives.

I usually do not see to many overweight dogs, but the ones that I do see, have been living on table scraps and other foods that humans eat. It’s the foods that we are eating that have clogged up our digestive tract, poisoned us, addicted us, and made us overweight as a nation.

So what do you do to get back to a healthy weight once you have gained a lot of weight? You will want to get on a quick weight loss diet plan that will simultaneously give your body all the nutrients it needs to detox, alkalize, and put the body into healing mode, so the weight just melts off with the least amount of effort and pain.

If you are looking for a quick weight loss plan, you should do a little research before you decide the best strategy for you. You should ask yourself this question.

Do you want to lose weight on your own or with the help of a quick weight loss center?

Some of these centers can be very expensive, and mainly focus on behavior modification and portion control, along with taking weight loss drugs that can have some of the nasty side effects that I listed earlier. If you are like me, then you will probably want to do it on your own, and without drugs.

Source by Teddy Grandy

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