Real Men Wear Mantyhose

Now, this is not to say that “real” men are only heterosexual, but in the interests of proving that heterosexual men can and should wear men’s pantyhose (also known as mantyhose), the title is appropriate. Certainly gay men everywhere have courage in abundance; let’s explore some other courageous men who wear mantyhose.

In 1979, soccer player Keith Weller had the courage to wear white tights during an FA Cup game. He wore them in a heroic effort to support a strain in his groin. Some reports have it that the tights belonged to his wife.

Today, other soccer players and athletes in other sports make use of pantyhose for men for warmth, support and so their underwear won’t show through their white uniforms.

NBA star Kobe Bryant is undeniably a real man, and he can be seen on the basketball court in tights at just about every game nowadays. His purple tights that match his uniform are especially nice. The tights that he wears might technically not be considered “mantyhose,” because they don’t have feet on them, but they have the same stigma attached.

If it’s possible to define a “real” man as having well-developed musculature, a relationship with a woman, children, a good career and adequate income to support your family, famous ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov certainly fits the bill. Mikhail wore mantyhose nearly every day of his very profitable working life without shame.

Horseback riding can be a dangerous sport, especially when jumping is involved; indeed it resulted in tragic injury to Christopher Reeve that cost him his mobility and eventually contributed to his death. Reeve was famous due to his portrayal of Superman and his costume consisted of briefs, a tunic, a cape, boots and mantyhose. Further yet, when riding his horse, he wore skin-tight breeches, which are a form of mantyhose worn by equestrians for support and so they can feel the saddle and horse beneath their bottoms.

These four examples of real men who wear mantyhose are but a drop in the ocean of men who secretly wear mens pantyhose for health reasons. So again, who says real men don’t wear tights?

Source by Eric Cowper

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