Real Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

The best thing I did was figure out how to identify baggage and deal with it head on. I was in a manipulative relationship that led me to eat out after a long day at work because I didn’t want to go home. When I was home, I munched on anything that would help me suppress the fact that I was stressed, depressed, and anxious. I ignored all of the signs that something was wrong, but reality smacked me in the face with a major health scare due to my being overweight, out of shape, lacking in vital nutrients, and depressed. It scared me enough to finally ask myself the “why” and face the root cause before it potentially killed me. I realized it was toxic excess baggage in the form of people and circumstance.

So, I stopped trying to hide from it. I left my ex-fiancé, I stopped eating out, and I started hitting the gym. It took me about two months before I finally became consistent with a gym routine. Then I started making little nutritional changes, and everything else fell into place. I learned how to meal prep, I got a 32-ounce water bottle and made sure I drank and refilled it several times a day, and I even took a nutrition class to gain a greater understanding of diet, macronutrients, and food in general. But, most importantly, I remained consistent and persisted.

I’ve lost 112 pounds in about a year. I’m happier, more confident, and so much stronger than ever before.


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