Realize Your Road to Success – Smell the Roses Throughout the Process, Choose the Road Less Traveled

***Everyone and everything was meant to be loved, respected, and successful. Realize with open eyes that there is a gifting, uplifting smell of roses waiting for you, in the wings, when you set your sights to travel along the road less traveled. Study, learn, work hard, and do the right things in order to accommodate or accomplish your goals and dreams! It is a quintessential reward for you alone to reap, by all of the hard work you achieved. Success is found in the form of brightly colored, ornately designed or displayed, fluorescent attributes called roses. Roses are the form or gift that is given upon a well deserved or desired accomplishment, or even upon completing a satisfactory feat to some degree.

One of the simple reasons that we do not buy or send roses everyday is because they are expensive, valuable, uniquely refined and are usually gifted with a lot of forethought and command justice or merit. ***Roses serve as a form of congratulatory recognition.

If you are bold and brave enough to travel and successfully realize your particular road to success, I urge you to smell the roses. Even your smallest feats and accomplishments merit a self-imposed gift of roses. Reward all of your accomplishments and effort, especially those that are taxing and draining.

Sing songs of acceptance to yourself about the wealth of empowerment or improvement your life road has taught you. Sing songs that caution or display what your experience taught you to sing. As you sing on key sing or create a flowery song or verse, be apprised that your foresight or hindsight wasn’t wrong. Throughout the entire road of processing experience, patience and perseverance you got wiser. Don’t dismay. Appreciate what you learned, throughout the hurdles, unfair competition and challenges. Know your value, that you and ALL OF YOUR OUTSTANDING DEMANDING EFFORTS WERE ASTRONOMICAL AND VALUABLE!

Success is a road less traveled because it takes a lot of drive, ingenuity and let’s face facts folks, there is unjust or unfair people out there that are not making the road along your journey any easier.

Whether thieves are plagiarizing, stealing or deleting your efforts along the road to success does not dismiss the fact that you need to do some weeding and cutting of chords. Remove and release any thorns that are dead and don’t belong along your road to success. You must assuredly dislodge or disavow people or events that serve no good or genuine attention or purpose.

There should never be people, in the form of obstacles, that take away your Intellectual property, your organization of words, your work, or your ONLINE DISTINGUISHABLE identity to solicit or distribute your ideas, name recognition or property illegally for unlawful financial advancement, aggrandizement or gain. Do you agree with that? Doesn’t matter. If you find that you are not being respected in your own online activity, personal life, home life, or on the public forum also known as the world -wide web, well then, “Houston, we have a problem!”

There are roads that lead to dead ends or charlatans and thieves that will exploit your kindness or lack of experience in marketing. In life there are many roads to travel. There are the roads less traveled because of the time and effort required to drive yourself successfully. Some roads are winding and narrow and may take a years of consistent, constant time, effort and originality and is necessary for keeping your desire and drive in continuous motion. Most of the regular or usual roads are easily driven, broad, bold and readily accessible to anyone who is cable of commuting. I dare you,”Choose to be original and different!” Broad and open roads do not lead to fulfilling your dreams. I ask you to consider yourself as the driving force that can align itself to realizing the road to lifelong success and happiness. Travel the road less traveled with me and watch the streets that you pass over or visit be aligned with beautiful roses, in bright beautifully amazing, and mind-blowing originality.

Be the best original example of how you are the driving force of your own success. Take a few moments a day to relax and engage the view of what your hard work has rendered for you, your continuous efforts with awesome blossoms of roses, tulips, daisies. Stop to enjoy the power of a sunflower, grown especially for you!

Every rose-lined road is unique and beautiful! Watch as you embrace and imbibe the smell of a hard won victory through your continuity, methodical effort and honest living. They, the rose roads, look and smell wonderful to you, me and to anyone else who chooses to work throughout the process of traveling the road to success. Only a thief, cheater, liar, and person of advanced age does the same thing over and over again expecting that driving along the road of cheating, stalking, and spying is a short-cut or a way to the road of success. The road of stolen and fleeting success is a dead -end. The stalker, spy and plagiarizing way of succeeding is by lying and cheating, and he actually knows that this kind of thinking is actually insane. He or they weren’t expecting to get caught. Know this: Whatever you do, good or bad will catch up to you. The cheater, stalker and liar of advanced action and age, goes around getting enraged by the success of the honest,hard work performed by another and not by themselves. There is no sane or normal reason other than they mask and make excuses, evade the subject and skirt the issues by making confrontation speeches as self-defense and is gibberish and talk that is all about themselves. They throw a pity party and talk about how they are offended by the victim who was constantly stalked, blocked and censored by them. The victim is now looking down upon them. In reality, the liar and thief of advanced age is so full of hate and deceit that he even hates and deceives himself. How much more insane can anything be? You be the judge, let the jury deliberate, hmmm, wonder how this is gonna play out?

Those who chose to travel the road to success in dignity and finesse always receive their roses in the end! Traveling the road to success will drive you to higher plateaus of creativity, originality or enable you and YOU ALONE to travel the road alone! Enjoy the smell of roses growing and flowering for many years and many generations that will succeed you and me through the birth of our posterity and many more generations after them!

*I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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