Removing Geographical Barriers Using Video Conferencing

Business traveling, unavoidable and incurring uncontrollable expenses for the organization. Spreading of business world wide brings up new branches at various locations which needs to be continuously interacted and equipped with information, training programs for newly recruited employees, updating and motivation for the existing employees on a regular basis, involving traveling of employees or the trainers to and fro to the branches and the head office. Great it could be if whole lot of traveling could be avoided or reduced! Relaxing the burden of expenses of traveling on the organization. Yes, it is possible, If all the employees from all the local branches be pooled at a common accessible location and even more, if the employees connect online using video conferencing software, at the comfort of their office cabin or home.

Connecting online for a meeting with members scattered across the globe saves time has the following benefits for the organization:

1. Arrange virtual meetings with employees or clients at a short notice. Just by a phone call or a message, the members are able to get connected where ever they are located nationally or internationally. All the instructions can be reached to all locations at the same time. Interaction and discussions can be more easier and at a faster note leading to substantial development at remote locations as well.

2. Reduced travel expenses opening doors to global markets

Reaching to locations globally which were not feasible due to travel expenses become surprisingly effortless and comfortable by implementing on-line conferencing through Video conferencing. There is no need for any of the employees to move out of their cabins, the organization is at ease to spend more money on stabilizing various locations across the globe which was once spent for traveling.

3. Increased number of meetings for productivity:

Reduced traveling of the officials can keep them flexible enough to hold internal meetings focusing on increasing productivity. Gives time for the employees to upgrade their skills. They are relaxed that they need not keep away from their families.

4. Product launching and promotion –

Realizing of new products and promotion online reaches the clients and customers very fast. Product promotion is easier as the employees can reach to more number of clients and customers comparatively, concentrate more on discussing the issues clients and customers have in their mind regarding the product usage and motivating them to buy, which increases the rate of conversion in turn improving return on investment.

5. Searching a good Venue –

Finding a venue looking into comfort, accessibility of the members and making arrangements for large meetings is time taking, needs accurate care and planning far before. Demands the involvement of the employees, some times requires to hire more people depending on the size of the meeting. On line conferencing removes the pain of making arrangements of a meeting and the employees are at their comfort to get connected to any place in the world with out traveling from their office cabins.

With all the capabilities to connect to any place in the world, Video conferencing software makes connectivity easier, removing boundaries and opening doors for new business ideas.

Source by Shelly Desuza

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