Renaissance Age – Famous For Men’s Clothing

Renaissance Clothing was among the stylish clothing that originated over the years. This clothing style was designed in a specific era and was worn by the people of that era. This clothing style was famous in many countries of the world. Many changes were made in the Renaissance dresses by different manufacturers of different periods.

The renaissance clothes were worn by both men and women. But this clothing style was famous for the clothing done by men at that time. The dress designers in that period usually attached large puffs on the shoulders and arms on the men’s dresses. This was done to give a strong appearance to the men wearing the dress. It was the most popular and creative clothing style.

Men’s Renaissance Clothing also included feathers which were used to accessorize the dresses. The renaissance clothes designed for men were usually dark in color. Durable and beautiful fabrics were used to manufacture the clothes. Different types of velvet fabrics were used to make the dresses. Among all the fabrics, black velvet fabric was commonly used to make men’s renaissance clothes.

Colors like golden and burgundy were mostly there in the dresses. Sometimes, linen was also used in the apparel. Wealthy men used to wear very costly renaissance clothes during some special events.

The renaissance dresses made for men were embellished with very beautiful embroidery. The manufacturers used to give a very fancy finishing to the dresses. The rich work of art done on the clothes helped in making the dresses look royal. There were different types of outfits for rich as well as the common members of the society. Every man in that era used to wear such dresses which classified his status. The dresses worn by the common man were not made from rich fabrics. There dresses were simple, yet very stylish at the same time.

Tunics were also an important type of dress worn by the men in renaissance period. There were gladiator dresses which included tunics which used to be red and black in colors. The tunics worn by men usually extended to the knees or sometimes it extended till the ankles. Tunics were also very stylish and provided a good comfort to the person who used to wear it.

The actual men’s renaissance clothing included fibers. Wool was also used to enhance the dresses. There were various types of silk materials and threads used in different ways by the manufacturers. Not only this, men at that time also wore certain type of baggy pants and shirts. The baggy pants were also used to be dark in colors.

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