Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s Staff Quit Instead Of Working To Help Trump

Rep. Jeff Van Drew is voting against impeachment, and joining the Republican, so his congressional staff has resigned.

The resignation letter was respectful in tone, but emphasized that Van Drew’s decision is not in line with the staff’s values.

Read the full letter:


Rep. Van Drew himself has made it clear that his decision to flip parties was based on political self-preservation. His district has a large number of Trump supporters and moderates. Van Drew flipped parties in a bid to save his own skin.

His decision to put himself first left his staff in a terrible position where they had to choose between selling out their values or leaving their jobs right before Christmas. The staffers made the principled decision that they would rather be unemployed than work to advance Donald Trump’s agenda.

Decisions like Rep. Van Drew’s rarely work out well in the long term.

All the staffers who resigned have been given positions with the DCCC until they can find other work:

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