Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visits Holocaust Museum, learns completely nothing concerning the Holocaust

The rationale for Greene’s press convention—sorry, alleged museum go to adopted by press convention—is simple. Greene has been sloshing around in some very hot water of late for repeatedly insisting that having to put on a masks throughout a worldwide well being disaster is rather like when the Nazis made Jews put on yellow star-shaped badges. Greene will not be notably an outlier right here in terms of Republican rhetoric evaluating the slightest of life’s inconveniences to the Holocaust or Naziism typically, however she’s been making Home Republican management sad with a protracted sequence of declarations and diatribes and foot-in-mouth moments that make it much more tough for the Cheneyl-ess crew to fake their motion is something extra substantive than QAnon Weirdo Yells At Cloud, so right here we’re.

Greene was despatched on a day discipline journey and to write a one-page report on the expertise, and each final considered one of us goes to listen to about it.

As for her ensuing introduced apology for evaluating the Holocaust to calls for that she not breathe a pandemic demise virus straight into different individuals’s noses, there wasn’t a lot to it. Let’s go to The Washington Post for the most pithy Greene lines. Home Republican Rep. Greene, what did you study in your discipline journey?

“The Holocaust is—there’s nothing corresponding to it. It’s—it occurred, and, , over six million Jewish individuals had been murdered. Greater than that, there weren’t simply Jewish individuals—Black individuals, Christians, all types of teams.”

Yeah, okay, that is about sufficient of that. If I am trapped in an elevator and the one methods out contain listening to Greene clarify the Holocaust or mash myself right into a positive paste in an try and dribble out the cracks within the elevator doorways like a spilled milkshake, I am selecting Possibility Two each time.

Probably the most pertinent query right here is whether or not Greene truly realized something from her alleged journey to the Holocaust Museum or whether or not she simply sprinted from one finish to the opposite in an try to collect the data by way of osmosis. Given the accessible proof, it would not look good.

Responding to reporters after her theoretical apology for evaluating pandemic security to the Holocaust, she refused to similarly back down from her comparability of the Democratic Occasion to the Nazi’s “Nationwide Socialist Occasion.” As an alternative, she informed the assembled reporters that “socialism is extraordinarily harmful” and “I will by no means cease saying we now have to save lots of America and cease socialism.”

Now, one of many surest indicators that an American blusterer is aware of completely nothing concerning the historical past they’re going on about is an incapability to clarify, even within the broadest phrases, what the Nazi motion was. The historical past of how a genocidal ultranationalist conspiracy-mongering far-right occasion hitched itself to a celebration with Socialist in its title is a unprecedented one filled with homicide, homicide, and in addition homicide. It’s simply seemed up on the interwebs. That Naziism’s avowed enemies had been the identical socialists, liberals, globalists, and immigrants that Greene herself believes her personal motion should now “save” America from is a somewhat central level to the historical past Greene allegedly had simply wandered via, and but any such revelation seems to have bounced off her like a fowl hitting a window.

Did she even go to the museum? Or did she have her workers drive her to a mall so she may wander across the meals courtroom for an hour or so?

Wait—did she … did she undergo the Holocaust Museum backwards?



All proper, so we have established Matt Gaetz’s greatest redemption buddy nonetheless would not understand how the Holocaust started, who the Nazis had been, why the Nazis singled out the targets that they singled out, or why her relentless singling out of suspiciously comparable targets with suspiciously comparable conspiracy claims continues to be very, very dangerous. She issued an apology aimed toward solely the one particular factor Home Republicans had been most steamed at her about, however did so whereas repeating different, intently associated tropes solely minutes later.

Let’s simply say nobody came away much impressed.

If we’re going to speculate on simply the way it got here to cross that Greene felt obliged to at the least speedrun her manner via the Holocaust Museum or, probably, some random constructing that her workers informed her was the Holocaust Museum—and we’re completely going to take a position on that, as a result of speculating on issues with out proof is all da rage as of late, and we wish in on it—it appears at the least attainable that the rationale for Greene’s discipline journey has one thing pointedly to do with yet another new push by House Republican leaders to declare that really, it’s the Democratic Occasion that’s antisemitic as a result of causes. Home Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy made a “promise” Tuesday morning to remove Democratic Muslim American Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs committee if Republicans regain the bulk within the subsequent midterms, on grounds that she has “on quite a few events been anti-Semitic.”

Would possibly Greene’s seemingly unexpectedly organized outing and press convention be tied to Home Republican management’s need to push new speaking factors?

Properly, she certain did not go to study something herself. In order that solely leaves the “was pushed into it for optics” selections.

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