Rep. Ted Lieu Obliterates Mike Pence’s Large Virus Lie

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) caught and shredded Mike Pence’s huge lie about virus testing resulting in extra coronavirus circumstances.

Vice President Pence tried in charge testing for the surging variety of coronavirus circumstances:

The very first thing we might share with the American individuals is that whereas there’s a penchant within the nationwide debate to make use of a broad brush and to color a complete state one coloration if there are rising circumstances in a portion of the state, that is truly a greater image of the info that we actually image we actually analyze the info each single day. Dr. Birx will take a number of moments to unpack the precise outbreaks in Texas, California and Arizona. The very first thing we might evaluate to the American individuals from these optimistic leads to the previous couple of days you’ll be able to see the focus of latest circumstances in particular components of states and, in fact, very particularly in components of nations.

Secondly, we wish the American individuals to grasp it’s virtually inarguable that extra testing is producing extra circumstances. To 1 extent or one other, the amount of latest circumstances coming in is a mirrored image of an incredible success in increasing testing throughout the nation.

Rep. Lieu tweeted in response to Pence:

Rep. Lieu was appropriate. Testing can’t be blamed for the rising variety of coronavirus circumstances. The variety of circumstances is rising as a result of extra persons are getting sick. Testing solely finds contaminated individuals. Testing doesn’t trigger coronavirus infections.

Pence’s feedback in the course of the briefing have been based mostly on an enormous lie that virus isn’t actually spreading. The rising variety of circumstances is because of testing, not elevated infections.

Rep. Lieu noticed via what Pence was making an attempt to do and set the file straight for a nation that was being fed misleading information and propaganda by Mike Pence.

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