Reprogramming Subconscious Thoughts With Daily Focus Exercises

The MLM industry has a thriving sub-market of books, tools and resources on personal growth and self-development. It has even been suggested that people making money in MLM do so from selling the training material rather than the products.

In some companies that is probably true!

However it does not take away from the need to invest in yourself and actually use some of the tools which are effective.

If you are trying to apply the Law of Attraction you will be able to speed up “delivery” of your desires by reprogramming your subconscious thoughts to eliminate ones that detract from a positive vibration. The reality you create will depend foremost upon what the 85% of your brain is thinking…

Most people have fallen into negative thought patterns which place imagined road-blocks in your path. You could say they are the excuses you think up as to why you won’t be successful.

For example if you keep saying to yourself “I’m stick and tired… of this routine, or this job..”. Guess what – your subconscious takes it as a command and you become sick and tired, low in energy and unable to cope.

A habit of starting and/or ending the day with certain routines, a kind of daily wealth focus, will help to open your mind and undo the years of conditioning that may be entrenched in your thinking.

The process of reprogramming subconscious thought may take a while and need a degree of perseverance but eventually the new thought process becomes habitual.

Such a routine in a home-based work, where you do not have colleagues or a team around you all the time, which give you a support structure for your work, is paramount.

It may be that to fit in such a routine you need to get up half an hour earlier. Or you could change your habits of what you do when you are commuting. Using it productively can give you perhaps 2 hours of your day that you never put to good use before.

The benefits are worth the sacrifice. You will begin to notice changes – that you feel calmer and less tired, better able to “cope”.

Basic Routine

  1. Once you have set goals, repeat positive affirmations around those goals each day each day.
  2. Creative visualization where you bring a picture of you having already achieved your goals into your mind and dwell on the good feeling surrounding it.
  3. Express gratitude for all the things you now have. Look for the good in all your circumstance, and what you can learn from your challenges.

Watch Your “Mind Movie” A mind movie is a great way to really focus on what you want. It is basically a short film or video that floods your senses with uplifting imagery, accompanied by inspiring music, that will help you visualise and live your dream in the present.

Daily Subliminals Tapes and CD’s with subliminal messages either audio or visual, look to by-pass the subconscious and allow reprogramming subconscious thoughts and can be very successful.

Because the message is not audible to us in the usual way then the conscious mind cannot do what it does best and block it out. If the message tells you that you have abundance and wealth when you have zip in the bank that message will go to your subconscious rather than be filtered out. Your subconscious then goes to work creating abundance and wealth – because it likes to be right!

Be careful that the messages are what you want!

Reading Choices Review your reading habits. Instead of reading a newspaper each day that is guaranteed to bring you bad news, get a book or list of inspirational sayings or motivational quotes.

The power subconscious thoughts have is incredible, and usually it is through disciplining our conscious thoughts that reprogramming subconscious thoughts becomes possible.

Spoken Words Be aware of the words you hear and speak to yourself. You talk to yourself constantly and you must monitor those thoughts to ensure they are positive and constructive.

Meditations Eastern religions and yogis have long counselled on the benefits of meditation, where your conscious mind is stilled as you apply relaxation techniques which allows you to more easily access the sub-conscious.

Guided meditations will take you through the relaxation process and guide your thinking from a perspective of creating wealth and abundance – quite a pleasant experience.

This is different from hypnosis which some people are uncomfortable with because it still allows you to visualise your own thoughts and desires rather than taking instruction from an outside source.

Physical Wellbeing “Before you can love other people you have to love yourself”.

That might sound like a recipe for vanity and self-centredness but it contains a lot of truth. You need to look after – nurture and nourish yourself.

If you are lethargic and low in energy you will certainly not attract, or inspire, dynamism in others. Make sure you are physically fit. Take regular exercise and eat nutritious food. Keep your personal energy high and your vibrations will be high.

Other LOA Games and Exercises There are other exercises and “games” that you can play that help the process by more quickly overcoming the internal resistance you may sometimes feel to the changing thought patterns.

Some of these are fun and ask you to be quite imaginative. They can help you with overcoming fear around money, become comfortable with the thought of having a lot of it, and help become attuned to the law of abundance rather than the scarcity thinking we are usually brought up with.

Source by Darrin Hawkins

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