Republicans Recklessly Put Our Lives In Hazard : politics

I am seeing folks on Fb blame Obama now for the N95 masks stockpile not being replenished after the swine flu epidemic, however because it seems, that was all tied to the price range which, I do not know if you happen to bear in mind in 2010, was a HUGE ISSUE that constructed up a Tea Get together motion, and after they received in they reduce in every single place they may INCLUDING THE FUNDS TO REPLENISH THE MASKS.

Their recklessness and idiocy have put us at risk and it goes means again farther than the previous few months. Trump and the Republicans had the White Home, Senate, AND the Home, for two years straight. They might have replenished the masks by rising funding however they did not. Now they blame Obama, who had a Republican congress to cope with.

Their stupidity is killing folks now. Deadly ranges of stupidity.

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