Republicans Say Pompeo And Trump Lied About Afghanistan Peace Deal

House Republicans, like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), say that the classified documents on the Taliban don’t contain what the White House claims.

Margaret Brennan tweeted:

Video of Cheney:

The Trump administration has been lying about the deal. Rep. Cheney said that the classified documents don’t contain what Pompeo said they do. Cheney noted that there are secret documents that have not been released, and said that the United States does not have a verification agreement with the Taliban, and no renunciation of al-Qaeda.

The surrender of Afghanistan that Trump handed the Taliban could be a much worse deal than anyone imagined. The deal is so bad that the administration looks to be hiding key pieces of it from Congress.

Trump appears to be giving the Taliban everything that they’ve ever wanted:

In exchange, the US has received nothing.

The country has seen this pattern before in Trump’s dealings with North Korea. The president surrenders America’s interests to the lowest of the international low and then lies to cover his tracks.

Congress and the American people need to see what’s really in Trump’s deal with the Taliban.

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